Monday, April 23, 2018


She slowly sits down
And watches you across the table
She watches your mouth open and shut
All she hears is the racing of her heart.

You talk and make her feel comfortable
She feels that she can tell you anything
Against her better judgment, she lets you in
Tells you her inner secrets
Tells you her inner fears

You sit and listen to her
She pours it all out
She goes further and opens that inner door
It contains her insecurities and despairs
Her past hurts and pains
She’s unsure but you are quick to reassure her.

Her loads lightens and she bears it all out
She feels like a log has been lifted
And her pain is out
She can finally heal
And she talks and talks and talks and talks
Your hands offer reassurance
And your hugs offer security
She knows she has found a good place.

Later she starts to notice something is out of place
The phone goes unanswered
Her messages are not replied
Promises are made
And just as easily broken

One day she sees you
And breaks into a smile
She starts to approach you
But you walk away
She thinks maybe you didn’t see her.

She calls you
Sees you pick up your phone
Switch off the screen
And put it down
All the blood drains from her face
As it dawns on her
This is another day in paradise.

She will get through the shame
She will pull through the despair
She can manage the hurt
But she won’t forget the disappointment and the pain of being honest.  

©cizoe, 2018
A cizoepoetry collection

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


I’m stuck in this place
There are no windows
There are no doors
I scream for help
But all I hear is my eco
I hear breathing nearby
I call
And there is no answer
I keep calling
And still, there is no answer
But I can still hear the breathing
I can hear your heart beat
Why don’t you answer?
Why don’t’ you help?
Can you hear me?
Someone help me?

It feels like I’m drowning
I can’t breath
Something is chocking me
Draining the life out of me
I’m losing my strength
I’m using the will to fight
I’m so tired.

©cizoe, 2017

A cizoepoetry collection

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


So I was minding my own business when I bumped into you.
Seeing you again was quite a surprise
Considering we both fell off the face of the earth
And lost contact
Actually, I deliberately lost all contact.

Seeing you once again brought up all these emotions
You haven’t changed one bit
You talk the same
Smile the same
Tease the same
And make me blush
Naughty! Naughty!

I thought I had dealt with you
I thought that moving on with someone else would help forget you
Oh, I was so darn wrong.
All that happened is the feeling became dormant
Now I can’t stop thinking about you
What may and may not have been.

Those few minutes that I looked into your eyes
I saw questions and statements and queries and more questions
Things you’d like to ask but are afraid to ask
Things I’d like to say but I’m afraid to say
Maybe we’ll bump into each other again
And this time I’ll make you make it worthwhile.

© cizoe, 2017

A cizoepoetry collection

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Some time ago I poured out my feelings
And said what I felt
As time went by I got cold feet
Later became aloof
And disappeared for a while.

I was scared of you
Scared of the depth of what I felt
Scared of commitment
Scared of pain and hurt
And most of all
I was scared of letting myself go.

I took time away to deal with it
Deal with my feelings
Deal with my pain
Deal with my obsession
Deal with my heart
Deal with my demons.

I know I hurt you
I know I was cold
The silence said it all
Silence has a way of being loud
It wasn’t you, it was me
I know that line is a cliché.
If I had let you in would you have understood?
I don’t do what if’s
But you’re the exception
Chances of you reading this are slim
But I would love to have one last talk with you

Lord knows how much I miss you
Texting you the other day and you replying back
Brought back all the unresolved emotions
I miss that smile
I miss the hearty laugh
And most of all I miss that *wink*
As much as I hate to admit it
A part of my heart loves you.

© cizoe, 2016

A cizoepoetry collection.  

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


You never know what you have until you’ve lost it
If it got lost then you didn’t really care
That’s where I am headed
I cared
Now I don’t
I don’t give a damn
I liked you
I loved you
I wanted you
I waited for you
You took advantage
Treated me like trash
I forgave
And kept forgiving
How long was I supposed to keep doing that?
I ain’t an angel
Neither a fool
My heart is on lockdown
This is the end of my road

©cizoe, 2016

A cizoepoetry collection

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Was this supposed to be a one-time thing
My favorite one
What did you take me for?
Was l just another side dish?
Some dessert
Before your main meal?
Was I not good enough for u?
You should have said this
Other than tormenting my brain
Thinking that the feeling was mutual
Why didn't you tell me from the very start
That you Were not ready For this?
If you no longer pick my calls
When I want to know how u are fairing,
What will happen when I texted you about some child support.

Before ...
You get her to marry you tomorrow
Please let me know what I did that was wrong...
Was is my relatively dark skin?
Was is my IQ?
Was it my inner being?
Was it the lines on my head?
What made it a one-time thing?
Why her and not me?

Probably ...
I should have been mentally protected
Other than just physical protection
So I'll stay under the sheets
Till that sunset
That wedding sunset the two of you will watch
For it couldn't have been us...

Written by Poet Flani Qui

Saturday, May 28, 2016


I sit there
Stare at you
I tilt my head to one side
As I listen to you
I listen as you speak
When actually
I watch your lips as you speak
I watch as you form every syllable
O pick up every word you say
Store it in my database
For another day.

I press record when you leave
I replay every conversation in my head
If I let you into my head
You’d think I’m one crazy lady
You reside in my head
Yet haven’t started to pay rent
You sit there like you own it
You touch me like you own me
You hold me like you demand to.

They say when you meet that person
You want to shout about it from the mountain tops
Well I could if I would but
You took my vocal cords away
And left me speechless.

So I will keep you to myself a little longer
Hold you to me a little tighter
Caress you a little longer
Kiss you a little deeper
Let you take me to that deep, deep place
Where only you and I reside
That place that we call ours
It’s somewhere between there and here
That place far from reality
That place where we can take the M+E and make it a U+S.

Anyway, forget all I said I was just rambling.

©thelma migue, 2016

A cizoepoetry collection