Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Some time ago I poured out my feelings
And said what I felt
As time went by I got cold feet
Later became aloof
And disappeared for a while.

I was scared of you
Scared of the depth of what I felt
Scared of commitment
Scared of pain and hurt
And most of all
I was scared of letting myself go.

I took time away to deal with it
Deal with my feelings
Deal with my pain
Deal with my obsession
Deal with my heart
Deal with my demons.

I know I hurt you
I know I was cold
The silence said it all
Silence has a way of being loud
It wasn’t you, it was me
I know that line is a cliché.
If I had let you in would you have understood?
I don’t do what if’s
But you’re the exception
Chances of you reading this are slim
But I would love to have one last talk with you

Lord knows how much I miss you
Texting you the other day and you replying back
Brought back all the unresolved emotions
I miss that smile
I miss the hearty laugh
And most of all I miss that *wink*
As much as I hate to admit it
A part of my heart loves you.

© cizoe, 2016

A cizoepoetry collection.