Sunday, December 6, 2015


Looking through the window,
You draw me in,
Resist I must,
Resist I can’t,
I want you,
Not for the moment,
Not for an hour, minute or a second,
I want you now.
I get a whiff of you,
My nostrils come alive,
My body gets goose bumps all over,
I smile secretly.

Steal just a little taste,
My lips brush you,
No time to loose,
Must I give up in,
Must I give up,
Can’t I have both?
Pretty please.

I get down on my knees,
Wish upon my lucky star,
Nothing’s easy,
Nothing’s perfect,
I want both,
Like a kid in the candy store,
I want all.
All shiny and rough.
Comfortable and gruff,
Soft and tough,

“Excuse miss? That will be a total 2000.” says the attendant
“Huh?” I reply
“Your total is 2000 for the two books.” Repeats the attendant
“Oh yeah! Sorry.” I say as I hand him the cash.
“Have a good day,” He says
“Yeah,” I mumble as I walk out and bump into ...

© thelma migue, 2015

A cizoepoetry collection.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


can't say I love him,
won't deny it,
He means more to me,
More than life,
I can’t tell him,
I choose not to let him know.

Why? You ask,
Why? I ask,
Good question,
Why can't I let him know?

Letting him know means letting go,
Declaring my love to him makes me his slave,
Professing my love for him makes me weak,
In that weakness,
I begin to resent him,
In resenting him,
I resent me.

I begin to hate what I am,
What I saw in him and most of all what I love about him.
I start to push him away,
I keep to myself,
Keep away from him and later avoid him.

I will cry for him,
Yearn got him,
Crave for him,
Hate myself for letting him walk,
All of this I do in secret.

My soul is cold,
Mt heart is stone,
It’s funny,
What I long for is what I loathe most.

I am my own enemy.

© thelma migue, 2014.

A cizoepoetry collection