Tuesday, February 25, 2014


We never knew how it happened but it happened still,
We just drifted away from each other.
Slowly, softly and quietly,
Just like that,
We became apart.
Years came and went
and before we knew it,
we were many valleys, ridges and chasms apart.

At first it was easy to apportion,
blame on tight work schedules,
endless commitments and anything else that easily came our way and looked like an easy excuse was promptly snapped up as a handy prop to fend our silly explainations,
but we were actually lying to ourselves,
glad for the momentary
escape from the truth.

Now we are many years apart,
many miles adrift and many hearts so far away from each other,
Was it meant to be this way?
If so,
I will know peace
And if not,
I will still steel myself for the illicit stolen moments.

And these were the thoughts that swam through her mind,
As she sipped black and potent coffee late at night,
While blankly watching CNN,
Like a sweet and compromised zombie.

Written by Ayoub Mzee Mzima

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