Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It took me time to fall for you
You convinced me
Finally, I gave in
Not just coz I met you
I was falling in love with you
Seeing the love in your eyes
Feeling it in your touch
Encouraged me to open up
I thought we were inseparable
I thought this was forever
I would never date again
Never say never.
Slowly we drifted apart
We blamed our work schedules
We blamed the distance
We had all sorts of excuses
We were not ready to face the truth
We survived a near break up
We promised each other eternity
The love making was over the moon
The ugly head called culture came in
We tried but were able to get away
I was willing to do anything
I compromised a lot
Did you?
Apart we drifted
The phone calls became less
The conversation bordered on work and her
We stopped saying I love you
Unless prompted
I miss you became a chore
Text messages became less
I dreaded your visits
I knew they would be cordial and cold
We did not have much to talk about
It was just
Have you paid this bill?
Have done this and that
You started hanging out more often
To the point of sleeping in another’s bed
I fantasized about others
I craved your loving arms
Hugs, kisses and random playing
I was that lonely woman I swore never to become
Every night I cried myself to sleep
I missed what we had
I craved for your love and attention
I craved being your queen
I craved being the only woman in your life
Most of all I craved for you
The day you broke the news
I was devastated
I was broken
I thought it was a dream
I hoped it was a bad nightmare
When I saw you
When I saw the look in your eyes
When I heard the cold in your voice
I knew it was over
I am not sure of the duration
Maybe a year, a decade, a century
No idea
We became….
We have become….
We are….

©thelma migue, 2012

A cizoepoetry collection

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