Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Falling into this sequel over again, this time, less daunting
this same sequel that my head knows it’s cruel ending
being well versed with  its games and enslaving adrenaline rush
bringing all sorts of heated emotional gush
entrapped in this new being that forgot what the past fire was like
smoke from the previous fire burn blown by our mutual bond
back to start over again, wondering less how I will respond
the one and only sequel that my heart ends up paining
right after I last lost hope with him and saw his signs of bailing
left alone once again with memorable scars
scars that would come to pass like smoke from the cigars
smoke blown by our actions, our talks and the bond
back to the start over again, wondering less how I will respond
and yes, falling into this same sequel, again I say, less daunting
letting things flow, nothing coming to me as a blow
living life with a certain glow, feeling all mellow
loving your company just as you love mine
this I know from your sweet whispers in the night
getting chills all over through my spine
simple gestures yet charming
the words to explain are turned in ways to express
your firm grip and gentle caress
I want to stay back, this I so much confess
and nothing will explain how you came to steal
so we call it a night and a kiss is used as it’s seal

Written by Silent.

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