Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Tough on the outside
Soft on the inside
Hearts of gold
Mouths that spit fire
Opinions of their own
They can hold their own
No one can hold them down
They conquer the universe

Three are mothers
They treasure their children
They will protect them no matter what
Mess with them and you suffer their wrath
Winners both in the boardroom and in the home
You don’t believe me
Look at their kids

Three single ladies
If a man can win their hearts – God bless him
Yet to kiss a few frogs
Winners in what they do and conquer
Ready to conquer the world
Armed to the teeth

They have an aura of seriousness
This can be lost to a whole lot of silliness
Beautiful women
Hearts of gold
They remind me of……

© thelma migue, 2012

A cizoepoetry collection

Dedicated to the five most beautiful women. :-)

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