Thursday, February 21, 2013


Back here full of smiles and giggles
happy and cheerful like the Christmas carols
you come into my world and make all of this worthwhile
I can go out again, comfortable and secure
not like I wasn't before, but you make it better
you make it whole,
 better yet, we make it whole
night after night we treasure
and all day it still won’t come to measure
years split from my twin, but this happiness is the best answer
loving this night that seemed like all other nights
all with fun, joy and pamper
we danced and drank, spending like you were a banker
just as we usually do
living life and getting high in this love brew
finally becoming one with you as well as your close boys
so close that it didn't bother me how close
the smoke, the shots in the various chateaus
not knowing it would be one of my woes
waking up nude in your bed
capsuled up in yester night’s rocking
whirls and deep strokes so captivating
new feeling but I sure trust my future groom
hard to open my eyes due to the spinning room
breathless from all this,
caught up in all this bliss
loving this feeling, turning to kiss your cheek
and your friend’s face turns me weak
checking the edge on my far left
you’re there on the floor blacked out
and worse still, fully dressed
close friend indeed
teary and weaker, I picked myself up
cleaned up and left.

Silent for two weeks and you ask me why,
seems it’s a routine, one of the girls fallen in the web
caught and hooked so well, that you played and hung onto
wishing I’d have brought my twin up to speed now that things are askew
beating herself up for she might have been next
no one to tell since they don’t know who
left alone in a dark place with nothing but a wall to lean on
a wall since a shoulder is forgone
hate to cool and turn from red to amber
maybe then time shall come for one to care.

Written by Silent

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