Saturday, January 5, 2013


Knock Knock Knock
Who is there? It is me, open up! Who are you? It’s me Matthew, the tax collector. What do you want from me? Don’t you know I’m a teacher of the law follow my next door neighbor! 

Knock Knock Knock
Open up, whom is it? It’s me Matthew what do you want from me Matthew?  I beg to ask for Cesar’s dues, you are late by six months peasant! Do you wish to place yourself among the high and mighty?
I’m sorry Matthew; I paid my dues on time last month, “I know peasant this is a new month, bend cough up and pay”
Have mercy, my kids are sick, my mother is hungry and I’m cold, please have pity,
   “I’ll have pity once I see the coin in my hand, I don’t pity stupidity”
(So the peasant had to bend, cough and pay just in accordance to the laws of Jesus, they give Cesar his dues at the expense of many)

Knock Knock Knock
 Who is there at this ungodly hour? Mr. Lawmaker it’s me Matthew, I brought the peoples taxes, your salary and wages to take home should you decide to leave office.
“come in Matthew”, How much is it? Enough to make you belch and cure your hangover.  
“Is it enough?” It’s enough to make you aimless! And what did the people say? 
They said that they wanted you to pay! Well I ask, whose face do they see on the coins
Yours, Mr. Lawmaker, yours indeed.

Written by Edgar Akama


  1. Welcome Edgar. Hope to see u perform one of ur pieces at a spoken word event.