Saturday, January 26, 2013








Crème in between

All dip

Come out dripping

Different flavors

Different types

All taste the same

End up in the same trash can

The ending can only be the same

Death by …..

© thelma migue, 2012

A cizoepoetry collection

Monday, January 21, 2013


It seems a little strangely exciting

Lying in your arms

Once again

Feeling your arms around me

As you caress me

Words fail to explain

Your kiss

It is inviting

It excites every part of me

As you move closer and deeper

I feel you in me

You take my breath away

Your touch is invigorating

Not just ignites me

It sets my body on fire

Your voice

Deep and sensual

You know the exact tone to use

To set the mood

You know where to kiss me

Where to touch me

How to please me

You know how to get it right

You know how to satisfy

This hot blooded woman 

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Do you hear it?

Did you get it?

Is someone out there?


Not just anyone


One, two

One, two, three

Two, three, two

My heart is on fire

I can’t seem to feel it

I need help

Someone please help




© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection

Sunday, January 6, 2013


To love

To speak

To cry

To talk

To share

To mourn

To let go

To walk away

To stand up

To be strong

To speak her mind

To listen to her thoughts

To be alone

To conquer the world

To be herself

To hid behind a shell

To accept

To grief

To hear

To listen

To walk alone

Of the shadows

Of her fears

Of the light

Of the future

Of herself

She is afraid to face the truth.

© thelma migue, 2012

A cizoepoetry collection

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Knock Knock Knock
Who is there? It is me, open up! Who are you? It’s me Matthew, the tax collector. What do you want from me? Don’t you know I’m a teacher of the law follow my next door neighbor! 

Knock Knock Knock
Open up, whom is it? It’s me Matthew what do you want from me Matthew?  I beg to ask for Cesar’s dues, you are late by six months peasant! Do you wish to place yourself among the high and mighty?
I’m sorry Matthew; I paid my dues on time last month, “I know peasant this is a new month, bend cough up and pay”
Have mercy, my kids are sick, my mother is hungry and I’m cold, please have pity,
   “I’ll have pity once I see the coin in my hand, I don’t pity stupidity”
(So the peasant had to bend, cough and pay just in accordance to the laws of Jesus, they give Cesar his dues at the expense of many)

Knock Knock Knock
 Who is there at this ungodly hour? Mr. Lawmaker it’s me Matthew, I brought the peoples taxes, your salary and wages to take home should you decide to leave office.
“come in Matthew”, How much is it? Enough to make you belch and cure your hangover.  
“Is it enough?” It’s enough to make you aimless! And what did the people say? 
They said that they wanted you to pay! Well I ask, whose face do they see on the coins
Yours, Mr. Lawmaker, yours indeed.

Written by Edgar Akama