Tuesday, December 31, 2013


With this ring i thee wed
With this ring i promise to be faithful and true.


What happened to the vows we said?
What happened to our words being our bond?
What happened to being faithful?

Wearing that ring became a chore
That ring became the yoke
The burden that represented our problems
Removing it made us forget us.

It made us lie that we are free
Free to do as we please
Free to lie and sleep around
We put it in the draw and forget us
Forgot what we meant to each other
Forgot our vows to each other
Forgot our love for each other.

Why are you looking at your finger now?
Do you feel guilty now?
Oh please tell me another
Don't hate me
Hate the deed that made you take off that ring.

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


It's that time of the year that we count our blessings.
It's that time of the year where we take a back sit and reflect on the year past.
It's that time of the year that we take stock of the good and bad.
It's that time of the year where we count our blessings for the countless beautiful souls that have touched us.
It's that time of the year that i thank God for all of you.
I wouldn't be where i am without you
I wouldn't be where i am without God's guidance
I wouldn't be where i am without stumbling, falling and getting up to find my way again
I wouldn't be where i am if i didn't have my family, friends and fans
I say thank you for your support and taking time to read my work
I say thank you and i hope to continue my journey with you.

A special shout out to Leche,Cathy,Emm and Nessa - it has been a year of pain, tears, laughs and smiles - you have helped me pull through.

Not forgetting Ken,Paul (awaiting your album), Maich, William,Desire(said with a kao accent), Le Chatelier, Dennis Poeta, Rix, #fatumasvoice and the awesome Kerpa group among others.

Not forgetting my awesome daughter-Zoe  who is my source of inspiration and constant joy. I love you sweetheart.

Thank you. I hope to see you in 2014.

©thelma migue,2013

A cizoepoetry collection 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Why would you?
How could you?
Why would you break my trust?
Why would you create this beautiful story
Only to discover it was too long to keep up with
Oh wait
I think i know the answer
I was naive to trust you
I was naive to like you
I was just that girl next door who was beginning to put her heart out for you
I made a decision to say it
I guess you saved me
Your lie was my blessing in disguise.

Nothing is as it seems until the veil reveals.

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection


Slice me

Dice me

Chop me

Add sauce

A little pepper

A dash of black pepper

Give me that tingle

I feel the butterflies in my tummy

I see the fire in your eyes

I watch you

You watch me

Lick your lips after the taste

Moist my lips after the sip

Enjoy while it lasts

Savor the moment.

©thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It used to be enjoyable
It used to be wonderful
Something i used to look forward to
I don't try
I don't make that special effort
I don't bother dressing up and getting pampered.

It has become an afterthought
It has become a walk in the park
It has become something that i can do without
Don't ask why
I don't get satisfaction
It just died
Died an unatural death
I can't apologize
That doesn't feel right
It has become
It is just a chore.

©thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


His words draw me near
His deep drawl sends shivers down my spine
His eyes make me do his bidding
His smile gives me butterflies....

It starts as a few hours
Goes into a day then night
Before i know it
It's been months
Months in his arms
Feeling his embrace
His kisses and caresses
It's all because of those two words.

© thelma migue, 2013
A cizoepoetry collection.

Friday, October 18, 2013


It was supposed to be different

It was supposed to be clear

It was supposed to have no strings attached

It was supposed to be deep

It was supposed to be protected

It was supposed to be wrong

But we lied and cheated to make it right

It was supposed to be silent

It was supposed to be random

Let of steam and later catch a drink

That was until the test turned positive
Now i look at your grave
All i can say
It was never supposed to turn out this way.

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


[I never meant to start a war
I just wanted you to let me in
And instead of using force
I guess i should have let you in
I never meant to start a war
I just wanted you to let me in
I guess i should have let you win]

Those were the last words i heard as the door closed
The silence after the storm was defening
We were the too proud to admit
Too proud to admit the obvious
Too proud to say i am sorry
I always felt weak next to you
I always felt not good enough for you
You always let me know my flaws
You always let me know the imperfect me
You were perfect and i imperfect
There was no US
It was YOU and I

The irony of it all
Even after you have started your other life
We will always want each other

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I like him
He likes me
I want him
He wants me
Can i hv him?
On a platter maybe?
With lots of ice cream and a cherry on top?
I want to touch him
Feel him
Hold him close
Smell his cologne
Taste his luscious lips
Feel his muscles
As they contract when i caress
If i had one wish

I'd wake up from this daydream before i start drooling.

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Everything about you has me hooked
Baby you got me in the mood
As you hold me
My mind begins to wonder
My hands explore the contours from head to toe
Like a matchstick to a flame
You light me up
Like a moth drawn to the flames
I am wide open
May i feel your lips next to mine
Taste that
Maybe let you have a bite
If you promise to be my Mark Anthony
I will be your Cleopatra

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I can't see where i am going

Neither can i see where i came from

Dirt littered all around

Can't seem to find my ground

Rats all around

Biting my toes when i stop

Scuffling when i walk

I see a light in the distance

Its just another candle snuffed out in the struggle

My hands are tied

My legs are shackled

The cling clang of the chains represents my struggle

Held down against my will

Flesh torn with every deed

This is my struggle among the commons.

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection. 


Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Deep down she knows it is wrong
Like a bee drawn to honey
She is drawn
She dreads the sunrise
Her phone beeps
Good morning darling. Tonight?  - Thats the incoming message
Yes, usual place and time.  She replies

She dreads his presence
She wishes time would freeze
With every tick of the clock it spells her doom
His world is her prison
She loves him
She doesnt have the strength to leave
Her flesh is weak
Her spirit is bruised
His key is in the door
His boot in her face

She stares at the toilet
She tries to regurgitate
Puts two fingers down her throat and vomits
Like a ritual
She does it three times a day
Sitting on the floor
She cuts her wrists
Maybe the blood will be a savior
The weighing scale is her judge
With her last breath she is free of it all.

You are stupid
Just like your father
He walks by
Doesnt say a word
His books are his refuge
His ticket to a better life
Tears stream down his face
Her words hurt more than a knife
He walks into class
Sprays the kids in class with the bullets
Before he turns on himself
All the while thinking
Maybe now she will respect me and not compare me to my coward father.

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


It has been over 10 years since you left us

I have grown up from the naive girl 

I crave your advice.

I miss the days we would take drives and you would analyze everyone

I miss all the silly jokes you would tell me

I miss the sternness you had and the funny way you taught me things

Looking at your picture everyday

I can almost hear your laugh, see you smile, feel you hold my hand as you look me in the eye and say nikee….

I remember the day you threw the maize cobs at me and I laughed myself to stitches

Your expression was to die for…. J

As the days go by I think about you more and more

I haven’t got married yet

Actually, I haven’t found the right man

Anyway, I am not in a hurry 

I still remember what you told me

The qualities you told me are what I look for.

I have a little girl

She has a gap in the teeth just like you

She smiles like you

She is totally adorable

I know if you had met her you would have fallen in love with her.

Haiya! Wait!

You are a great grandmother posthumously

We miss you.

*Dedicated to my Nana

©thelma migue, 2013

                       A cizoepoetry collection.

Friday, July 19, 2013


I tease you

Cause I like you

I bully you

Cause I want you

I talk non-stop

Cause I am nervous

I giggle like a teen

I cant look at you in the eye

Your cologne drives me wild

In my mind I want you

My heart does jumping jacks
when my eyes see you

I blush involuntarily

My hands are itching to touch that hot, dark muscular body

My lips are itching to tell your lips a little secret

My body longs to explore yours

Feel your rhythm

My ears long to hear you groan in pleasure

I cant wait to see you

Under the mango tree

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Undress me

Caress me

Feel me

Touch me

Stroke me

Fondle me

Suckle me

Push me back

Hold me down

Dont stop

Make me scream your name



© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection

Saturday, July 13, 2013


I am her descendant

I am part of her seed

I have her genes

Deception is my middle name

She is more dominant in me

When I think of you

She stages her act

Perfects her plan

Lays her trap

Like a fly

You enter the web

The honey attracts you

You lick


When she is done

I comfort you

Re assure you

Like a vicious circle

It begins again

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection

Thursday, July 11, 2013


What did I do wrong?

Where did it all go wrong?

I had it all under control

I believe I did

Suddenly it all went crazy

From bad to worse

Like the multi headed serpent



Like medusa

Consumed me

Blinded me

Later killed me

I walk like a zombie

With all that venom in my veins

In silence I scream

In silence I bleed

In silence I cry

In silence the venom consumes me

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I thought that it would get better with time

Its almost a year

I still bleed

Once in a while a tear escapes

The few times that I get to see you

I want to say

I almost say

I hold back the words

I still think about you

I have tried moving on

It is a struggle

I still struggle.

©thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection.

Monday, July 1, 2013


After a nerve wrecking couple of months

Trusting “people”

Lies and deceit

I am totally and utterly fed up

Apart from people who are only happy with negativity

Others lie, back stab, just for a few pieces of silver

And think that the grass is greener on the other side

What they fail to realize is the work, heartache and hours it takes to get it as it is

I am not a person who gives in

I am tired, fed up and ready to throw in the towel

Walk into the sunset

What stops me is my commitment

My word

My honor

The fight

The faith of a better tomorrow

The little person I see every evening

My weakness

I don’t know when to give up

I keep going and going.

©thelma migue, 2013

                                                 A cizoepoetry collection

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Lying next to you

Watching you sleep

Watching your chest rise up and down

Your hand draped over me

Pulling me close

It reminded me of what was

What I miss and what I long for

Those few hours of security

Those few hours of being taken care of

Those few hours of being a queen

Listening to you as you talk

Whispering words laced with hidden meanings

Words fail to explain what I truly feel

I would trade all I have in a heartbeat

Just to feel what I felt again.

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Is it wrong to look back?

Is it wrong to want what I had before?

Is it wrong to lay my head down and wish?

Is it wrong to long for the past and disregard the future?

Is it wrong to keep the flame burning when deep down my hope is dying?

Please tell me

Am I wrong, disillusioned or just plain blind?

© thelma migue, 2013

                                                A cizoepoetry collection

Saturday, April 20, 2013


She toils

She tries

She never gives up until she succeeds

Her family comes first

Her children are her pride and joy

Her man is her pride

God is her strength and rock

She protects her children like a lion protects its cubs

She asks for nothing

Rejoices with little

She is overworked

And undermined

She cries when you cry

Laughs when in pain

Smiles when let down

She is a mother

A daughter

An auntie

A sister

A girlfriend

A lover

A friend

A grandmother

And a great grand mother

She is you

She is me

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Through the sands of time it has been with us

It rejects the good

It embraces the worst

It is ignorant to a point

And wise with a drop of lime

It has been corrupted by greed, religion, ignorance and self want

It has oppressed the brilliant, the weak, the emotional and the mighty

It has soared seeds of discord

Infringes on the rights of the oppressed

Been used for self gain

Been used for wealth

Been used to oppress the society

It has been used in arguments

It has been used to keep out progress

It is a thorn in the flesh of everyone’s breast

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Princess & The Doctor.

…We had been in the bath tub for almost an
not talking much, just getting lost in our company,
my hands were gripped to her back,
wondering down her curves,
seated between my legs it felt like de ja vu,
like the first time we sneaked out of verbal poetry
into the restroom.

the way she was sat
her head resting on my
left me in full control
of her bodies geography.
playing with her hair and squeezing softly on her twins
made her body have small tremors,

I run my fingers on her back,
down to her assets and deep

within  that divide of  her Kamba heritage,
occasionally rubbing inner thighs to her ass.

It was an adventure,
the now innocent
quests of desire had led me to her forbidden city.
bitting her skin,
she loved the pain,
moaned to every bite and lick on her
neck down to her breasts.

my friend, the doctor was getting hard,
I could feel the veins stretch out,
fill up with  blood.

He wanted in, but I wouldn’t make it that easy for her,
I felt him press
her back with agility and rudeness of a rodeo bull.
She started rocking slowly,
stroking the doctor with her ass.
I felt her reach for the doctor with her left hand,
She felt on him, squeezed him,
Our eyes met for the first time
as she sat softly on my diamond member.

she had that devilish smile,
biting her lower lip,

as she pushed him in an inch deeper,
you could see her gasp for air,
her bust was pushed out,
smothering my face with her lovely  twins.

Her back was arched smoothly,
almost perfect,
down to a haul where her booty rises from her torso.
I clumped on her thick, soapy booty
and helped her sit on him all.

her honey pot welcomed my guy with grips and vices,
the inside heat  and muscle spasms made me a little faint,

I held her close to my chest,
my left hand gripping her back,
my fingers reaching for her neck and  locks,
my right hand held on her belly
and occasionally moving it to her left thigh
as I helped her bounce off the doctor.

the water foamed and spill over
with every thrust,
she was possessed,

her inner demon was scratching its way out,
she grabbed on to the bath tub and pushed harder,

with every thrust I  felt  like my being was been sucked away,
she arched her back forward,
threw her head back and forth,
humming ,whining,  gasping
and calling out to a God she doesn’t believe in.

I had to stop her a few times
to spare my thighs and back from the ceramic bath tub.
I had lost sense of the water,

I could feel her spasm and cumm.
the doctor was getting to his climax,
I could feel the picana rise like magma,
I was ready to mark the unmaking of me.

She called her honey pot the Princess
and she deserved nothing short of royalty.

Her breathing had muted,
She now held on to me,
She looked like she was receiving Devine intervention.
I felt her nails dig into me ,
deep  under my skin,

I felt her tone down to a rhythmical hop and push,
I couldn’t hold it any longer.
She started spasms harder,
it felt like she was going into a  seizure.

she was cumming
I  was cumming
we were cumming.
its a feeling alien to words

a strange unknown emotion.
She had hit her orgasm
and several mini orgasms followed after.

it was like the smell of earth after a light shower,
I looked into her eyes,
beautiful as the day I first met her

put my fingers on her lips and whispered
‘‘I love you‘‘

©Mwangi Njoroge

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It took me time to fall for you
You convinced me
Finally, I gave in
Not just coz I met you
I was falling in love with you
Seeing the love in your eyes
Feeling it in your touch
Encouraged me to open up
I thought we were inseparable
I thought this was forever
I would never date again
Never say never.
Slowly we drifted apart
We blamed our work schedules
We blamed the distance
We had all sorts of excuses
We were not ready to face the truth
We survived a near break up
We promised each other eternity
The love making was over the moon
The ugly head called culture came in
We tried but were able to get away
I was willing to do anything
I compromised a lot
Did you?
Apart we drifted
The phone calls became less
The conversation bordered on work and her
We stopped saying I love you
Unless prompted
I miss you became a chore
Text messages became less
I dreaded your visits
I knew they would be cordial and cold
We did not have much to talk about
It was just
Have you paid this bill?
Have done this and that
You started hanging out more often
To the point of sleeping in another’s bed
I fantasized about others
I craved your loving arms
Hugs, kisses and random playing
I was that lonely woman I swore never to become
Every night I cried myself to sleep
I missed what we had
I craved for your love and attention
I craved being your queen
I craved being the only woman in your life
Most of all I craved for you
The day you broke the news
I was devastated
I was broken
I thought it was a dream
I hoped it was a bad nightmare
When I saw you
When I saw the look in your eyes
When I heard the cold in your voice
I knew it was over
I am not sure of the duration
Maybe a year, a decade, a century
No idea
We became….
We have become….
We are….

©thelma migue, 2012

A cizoepoetry collection

Friday, March 1, 2013


Doors closed

TV off

Radio off

Windows closed


Nobody’s home

I stare at the empty walls

Look at the empty bed

Sheets rumpled

Clothes everywhere

You were there a minute ago

Shoes gone

Closet empty'

Toothbrush gone

Suitcases gone

© thelma migue, 2013

A cizoepoetry collection