Thursday, November 8, 2012


Watching things from a distance is my specialty,
 All I do is nod for conformity. 
Nothing I'd say would change a thing as you have already decided,
 And just like that, the conversation ended.
No breaking out, or sign of movement.
 I don't scream nor shout,
Attracting attention is the last thing that would count.

Simple thoughts of what I want,
Nothing to deal with follow ups
 Jump, swing and slide in my comfort zone,
Only to find I'm swinging towards the firing squad.
 I get what I want,
 But this one,
This one time among the many one times,
 I leave it without reason.
Tired of putting up a fight,
 I'd watch it from a distance,
Because I know I'm right.

Written by “Silent”.

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