Tuesday, August 28, 2012


He received a text message this morning
Afterwards his mood was kinda off.
Later he was playing with his phone
I snuck up on him in a playful way
Just as I saw the name
He switched off the phone
I asked who is DD?
His reply…just a friend.

He got a phone call
Stood up and walked out of the room
Whispered into the phone
Closed the door of the room
Talked for over 20 minutes.

His phone beeped
We looked at each other
He grabbed the phone
Read the message
Switched off the phone
Afterwards, his smile was sheepish.

His mood is off today
He walked in
Looked at me with rage
Didn’t kiss me
Did not hug the kids
Shut the door of the room
Took a shower
And went straight to sleep.

Last week he bought a new cologne
Totally different from what he uses
Got a new hair cut
Bought a new suit, jeans and a couple of shirts
He takes his sweet time in front of the mirror
Hums a certain song as he leaves.

He came home late
Didn’t bother to call
When I asked why he is late?
He brushed it away with the “I was working late”, “I was drinking with the boys”, “I was meeting with a client”….
I asked why he did not call to let me know
His reply “do I have to?” “When did you become my mother?”
You ask too many questions he said
All of a sudden he turned around
Kissed me and told me he cares.

He had a dreamy look on this face
An angelic smile
Just like the smile he had when we were dating
He was humming the song again
When I asked what is making him smile
His reply nothing, I am just happy.

My intuition is all over the place
My tummy is topsy turvy
My emotions are helter skelter
Am I paranoid?
Or is he………..

©thelma migue, 2012

A cizoepoetry collection

Friday, August 17, 2012


Time heals “all” wounds
Time makes you forget.
In time you will forgive
In time you will learn
Time waits for no one.
I have heard this statement time and again.
Time heals all wounds but that doesn’t mean that you forgive or are forgiven.
Time makes you forget but as soon as something triggers that memory, you remember like it was yesterday.
In time you will forgive – that is a plain lie. If you are a person who keeps grudges this does not work. If you don’t keep grudges maybe but still I do doubt.
In time you will learn – I have never understood this. Is this a term use by the older generation to shove off the younger ones or is it used when you do not know an answer? I have used it on my daughter and it has worked wonders.
This can also mean there are secrets that you do not want to know now and in time you will learn about them.
Time waits for no one. This one is absolutely true. If you are a guy and are too slow to declare your love to the girl you love either through a marriage proposal or ask her to be your girlfriend trust me some guy will sweep her off her feet.
If you are the type who makes promises you can’t keep or keeps lying to her. She will leave you.
If you are the type who makes her cry; her tears will dry and she will move on.
I could go on and on but….i do not have much time. 

©thelma migue, 2012

A cizoepoetry collection.