Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Heart beats likes a trumpet
He could swear everyone can hear it
He stares across the table
Hands shaking like a tremor
He toys with his food
Barely listens to the conversation
He drifts to the first date
First dance
First kiss
First argument
First break up
Then make up
The make up sex afterwards
Oh….he can almost hear, hear…
The waiter brings him back to reality
Waving the waiter way,
He reaches into his coat
Takes her hand
Lightly kisses the finger tips
Stands up
Walks to her side
Takes her hand
Down on one knee
Looks into her eyes…..

Don’t deny what you feel
Open up your mind
You are the only one for me
All you got to do is say....

©thelma Migue, 2012

From a cizoepoetry collection.

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