Monday, November 7, 2011


I miss those lazy quiet days
When I would lie in your arms
Cuddle close to you
Close my eyes and let myself go.

I miss the late mornings
When you would turn
Put your leg on my leg
Embrace me with your warmth
Kiss my cheek
And whisper you’re husky good morning.

I miss watching movies together
My head on your chest
You stroking my hair
As I stoke your torso.

I miss the precious moments
The kisses before I leave for work
The kiss when I get back
The kiss on my forehead
Your bushy beard
Brushing against my cheek.

I miss watching you
Cooking in the kitchen
As I lazily instruct you
Laugh at your know it all expression
And that sweet naughty look.

Every night before I go to sleep
I close my eyes and smell you’re sent
I imagine you kissing me tenderly
Slowly, making love to me.
As I dream of you
Knowing that as the sunsets and tomorrow the sun rises
I am another day closer to being with you again.

©thelma migue, 2011

From the cizoepoetry collection


  1. Halleluya...............Amen thats all can say yu have rirly taken me to the valley of thoughts though no one has qualified or reached there lol! Nice One dea Thelma

  2. your poem is so amazing.takes you to a good wonderful world