Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Watching you watch me walk away,
Tears my heart to pieces
The time that you plead
Come up with so many reasons
Excuses and look so helpless
Slices my heart to pieces
The tears run down your face
As you ask why
Why mummy why?
Please stay don’t go
I will be a good girl
Go to sleep early
Finish my dinner
Brush my teeth
And wear a sweater
I promise Mummy
Please stay Please Mummy Please…
I get down on my knees
Look you in the eye
I try to explain
The words fail to come out
Where do I start?
How do I explain to a four year old
That I have to go to work
Cause bills need to be paid
You need to be educated, clothed and save for a rainy day
Mummy has to do all this
Daddy isn’t there
I am your provider.
I look her in the eye
Wipe her tears
Take her head in my hands
Hug her, kiss her
Tell her I love her
I will be back in the morning
Make her promise she will be a good girl
I listen to her sniffles
As she tries to be a big girl
Holds her tears
As she says goodbye
I look back
She waves through the window
The look on her face is killing me
For a moment I think of turning back
Get a grip of myself and go to work.
I never tell her goodbye
Least it be my last
I always say
See you later angel
Be mummy’s big beautiful girl
Just before her bedtime
I call to kiss her goodnight
Promise I will be there when she wakes up.
Mummy loves you
One day I won’t have to go to work
But that remains just a one day…..

©thelma migue, 2010

From the cizoepoetry collection.