Saturday, May 14, 2011


Do you feel me?
Like I feel you
Do you love me?
Like I love you
Do you think about me?
Like I think about you
Sometimes I wonder why
You did what you did
Then again I seem to understand.
Funny right
You see I loved you
I cared about you
I would have died for you
Later I realized
I was obsessed
Looking for someone or something
To hold on to and make me
Forget the past
Many days and nights
I cried my self to sleep
Switched of the radio
Listened to my heart bleed
Most times I cursed you
Cursed the day I started talking to you
Met you and fell head over heals
I almost ruined my life
Living within your shadow
My anger has turned to pity
My love has become respect
I can talk to you without feeling that lump in my throat
I can think about you without tears clouding my eyes
I made a promise
I will not make the same mistake again
I will not cling to a man
To forget the pain in my past

My present
Taught me that
He loved me
When I thought hated him
He cared about me
When I couldn’t care less
He was there for me
Every step of the way
Sometimes I think he is an angel in disguise
Sometimes I wonder why he stayed around
I wasn’t pleasant
Trust me
I would have runway from myself
For staying by me
I am thankful
For trusting me
I have no words
For loving me
I will always love him
For the rest of my life

©thelma migue, 2011

From the cizoepoetry collection

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