Saturday, March 12, 2011



She talks with confidence and thinks before she talks.
She jumps not into conclusions and every word she utters is respectful.
Her lips are never twisted in anger or hate.
Her words come from her heart and soul.
She keeps quiet when she has to and talks to be relevant not to be heard.
Do you know her? Do you see her?


Her love is boundless and she hates no one nor their opinions.
She confuses everyone because they don’t know whether to call it love or kindness.
It’s not being helpful nor being friendly.
It’s plain old pretty love, radiating from inside her soul.
You can see it in her smile; you can see it in her eyes.
You can sense it from her back. You know when she turns, you will feel her.
Do you know her? Do you see her?


When she prays, you can feel the specifics in her prayers.
She is a very prayerful woman, but rarely prays for herself.
She seldom forgets her tribulations while she selflessly fights for fellow man in her prayers. She is a true prayer warrior.
She has a relationship with her God, and that’s keep her in spirit.
Uninfluenced by the church or community, just a purposely God loving woman.
She does good, for her church and is respected across the isles.
Do you know her? Do you see her?


She still opens the door in the morning with no grudges.
And she wakes up hopeful for another day of hard work and blessings.
Irrespective whether the husband came home late or touch a meal not.
She will still cook and place the food, day after day, year after year.
She still won’t show the abuse nor the lines from a slap done on her.
She is just hopeful, as a mother, as a wife, that things will be fine.
Do you know her? Do you see her?


She is well educated, vast knowledge in books and worlds ways.
But she never brags nor feels important despite of all.
She knows a great mind is a blessing and not a weapon for those less in the know.
She shares her wisdom to sundry and all, irrespective of class or status.
She is a teacher and teaches not for remuneration but for love of community.
She is the embodiment of knowledge without the shows.
Do you know her? Do you see her?


Is single and happy.
She doesn’t carry her status on her sleeve nor wear it as a scarf.
She is neither bitchy nor angry. She knows her situation is nothing to hate about.
She whines about men not. She understands that her prayers will be answered.
And know a husband will not come by judgments born out of anger.
She is happy for all her blessings and doesn’t allow the psyche of the society into her soul.
Do you know her? Do you see her?


She works from dawn to dusk.
Selling buns and vegetables along the highway.
You can see her brow with drops of sweat and dust gathering as the day goes.
She uses her lesso to tie the coins and wipe her temples.
Her greatest assets are her customers who drop coins on her oily hands.
You would never know her anguish, by her hearty laughter and sincere smiles.
In the hot sun her smile radiates across the highway.
What you will never know is that her husband brags about kids he never provides for.
Deep down she wishes he wasn’t a husband, but she endures for the children.
Do you know her? Do you see her?


She dashes across the street to her corner office she wishes could change.
She has a three year old child just dropped at the church school.
The little girl keeps asking where Daddy is every so often.
She dreads the question because she feels guilty and tired.
She is exhausted with all the judgments and words that hurt her.
And friends who think she is silly and relatives who are even harsher.
What she won’t tell the baby girl is that daddy is the man who runs that uptown company.
And daddy left some money for her abortion and that was the last conversation.
Do you know her? Do you see her?


She is old and frail.
Done by years of plain hard work and perseverance.
Her legs aches and her back pains everyday.
She has memories of a husband who died early in diseases they could not treat.
She had children of her own who didn’t deserve to die young.
Her own sons who got lost in drinking dens and daughters who rung themselves to the ground by men with promises of money for plain old sex life.
Now she has grandchildren who call her mummy and she begs someday to put food on the table.

Do you know her? Do you see her?

(Inspired by Grandma-Elizabeth Nyokabi, Rita Schulz, Flora-Ritas' Grandma, Lucy my sister and all the women I know, you are all phenomenal)

© john-Kiarie 2011 · English (KE)

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