Saturday, January 29, 2011


I love you daddy,
I love you too munchkin,
On your way home please buy for me a chocolate,
Sure sweetie.
The phone rings sema buda.
Lets meet at the pub in town
I don’t think I can, I have to get home. I promised my gal.
Aiiiii wewe just one drink. When was the last time we caughtup and reminisced the good times ehh?
Okay, sawa. Let’s meet in a hour.
He rushes out of the office and heads straight for the pub.
One, two, three he has lost count.
He checks his pocket,
Unlocks the car,
Puts the key into the ignition and
Heads straight for home
His vision is blurry,
Foot on the gas pedel,
Music blaring
He hits 100 km/hr as he rushes home.
The impact brings him to his senses,
He sobers up,
There is blood all around,
He can’t feel his legs,
The light is too bright,
He tries to sit up,
A hand gently holds him down,
He turns stares at the paramedic.
He pulls the paramedic closer
Reaches into his pocket
Removes the bar of chocolate and whispers
Give this to my daughter.
He sighs and lays down his head.
The paramedics begins to shout
His heat beat is fading
As they rush him to the operating room.

©thelma migue 2011

From the cizoepoetry collection.

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