Saturday, July 31, 2010


She picks up after you
Cleans and cooks for you
Takes care of the kids
Makes sure they are ready for school
When you can’t find you sock
And are frantic and running late
She is calm and brings them to you
You rush and murmur a quick thank you.

After the game
She clears after your pals
She is ready to host
Anytime of the day or night
When you fall asleep
With the remote in your hand
She switches off the TV
Adjusts your pillow
Pulls the covers up
Tucks you in
Kisses you on the cheek
Switches off the light.

When you get home
The dinner is ready
Newspaper on the table
Kids homework done
Shirt, trousers and suite are ready
She is there for you.

She asks for little
Maybe nothing
If you stopped
Looked at her closely
You would see beyond the façade

She cries when you leave
Hold back her tears and pain
In your presence
Longs for that caress
The kiss on the cheek
The linger of your perfume
The bear hug
The long and deep kisses
She does not complain
Lest you think she is childish.

When she looks at you
When she kisses the kids
After all the cleaning and sorting
After the soul searching
She asks
Why do I stay?

©thelma migue, 2010

From the cizoepoetry collection


  1. would that mean you are speechless?

  2. lovely one.this the truth about shes