Thursday, June 3, 2010


Here I am writing you a love poem
Holding back those tears
It’s been so long
It feels just like yesterday
So many years
Too many tears
After so long
I still feel the same.
I am wearing your favorite jacket
Your favorite pants – the ones you said brought out the shape of my ass
I catch a sniff of your cologne
Painful memories come flooding back
I pass by your favorite spots
Restaurants and pubs
Down our street
I stop by the florists
Buy a bouquet of roses and carnations
They were your favorite
I smile as I remember the way
You would hold the rose between your teeth
As we danced to salsa
For the last five years
This has been my routine
Every Sunday I check on you
Next time I will come with our little girl.

©thelma migue, 2010

From the cizoepoetry collection

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