Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I woke up this morning
Feeling kind of funny
I had this feeling
This weird feeling.
I took a shower
Got dressed
And made breakfast.
I sat down
Took my first sip of tea
It tasted like water that had ash.
I took a bite of my sandwich
It tasted like cardboard.
I was famished
My appetite had vanished.
I started feeling dizzy
My tummy was feeling queasy
I called work
Said I was not feeling well.
Took a cup of black strong tea and relaxed.
The feeling was back with a bang
This time I was in the loo emptying my guts out.
Damn! What did I eat last night?
I pull myself together
Go and see the doctor.
After, he has performed all the tests
He sits down, looks me in the eye
He smiles and says,

My dear…..looks like you are going to be sick for the next 9 months.

©thelma migue,2010