Monday, April 12, 2010

My Woman: My Way....

Respect for women, Love so pure, He doesn’t see his woman as a worker as the traditions says: he respects the culture but elevates his woman. He sees his woman as a partner. The dowry he will pay will not be equity for ownership nor a right for status. His woman will be a life partner to build a home, to raise children in love, to help the community and respect God. He will not abuse nor degrade his woman because he will view that as self inflicted abuse. He will share the aspirations and the dreams of his women and make her better. He will respect her as a wife and a friend and share in her worries and pain. He will know that out of a million choices he choose her which is special in its' own way and respect that sanctity of marriage. He hopes God will walk with him on this path. He will love his woman, love, pure and unconditional.

© john-Kiarie 2010.


  1. John,you bring tears to my eyes,such thoughts as yours-even in poetry-are rare in modern day men,beautiful...simply beautiful!

  2. Purely from the soul good stuff, wooow