Saturday, April 17, 2010

MY PLEA continued......

Angelina had not seen her mother since the trial. She longed to see her but was scared of the outcome. She was not prone to emotions but at this point, she would have broken. Despite her denial, she secretly blamed her mother for not changing things or trying to walk out. Auntie Mary and Uncle James treated her like a daughter. Her cousin Nikki loved her like a sister. They were close, very close.

As she stood in front of the mirror putting the last touches to her makeup, she thought she saw mother stand beside her. Mama she whispered her childhood pet name.

In church as the choir sang amazing grace, her mother’s favorite hymn. Her thoughts went back to the happy times they had as a family. Why? Why? A tap on her shoulder from Uncle James brought her back to reality. Carol mothers best friend, had just finished reading the eulogy and now it was her time. She stood up walked towards the altar, hands shaking as she infolded the little piece of paper.

The coffin stood in front of her as she began to read….

Dear mama,

Thank you for the letter. I am very well and Auntie Mary treats me like family. She and Uncle James are awesome. I feel like part of the family.

I always suspected there was something wrong but I could never get to the bottom of it. I guess my small little mind was too pre occupied with school and games. I do remember the day daddy took you away. He told me that you were not very well and needed to be away for some time to get better and that when you came back you would be a better mummy. I remember going to school and all the teachers looking at me with pity and the minute my back was turned I would hear them whisper. It tore my heart apart and I did not tell you because I did not want to be a burden.

I longed for a younger sibling like every other only child. I did not refuse to come and see you. I was ashamed. You see, I thought I was the course of your problems with daddy. I thought it was because I was naughty and sometimes came home with bad grades.

It is too late to tell you this, I love you mummy and I will miss you. Despite all the bad things I heard daddy say and heard daddy do to you. You were the best mummy I ever had.

I hope you get to read this soon.

Your loving daughter,


©thelma migue,2010

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