Thursday, April 1, 2010


My heart is flooded
I have so much to say
I am scared to talk
For I may sound
Desperate and childish.
My feelings have grown
From friendship to love.
You don’t belong to me
Yet I feel that you do
I do not get to see you often
Though I miss you terribly
Sometimes I look back
And ask myself
If we had met 10 years ago
Would we have been or not been?
Interesting how someone grows on you.
At the time you did care
You were so consumed with another
Then later you begin to see
What beauty they possess.
I may not be able to say this
To you in person
You may see it posted
Don’t be mad
I will say this once
I love you
But my love comes with distance.

©thelma migue, 2010


  1. This was just me sometimes back when I fell in love with my best friend...... I see myself and I wish I had this and tell her though I guess God did it for me.....
    Nice work Thelma.....ma likey

  2. Superb work. No wonder I l keep visiting this blog. By the way I noticed its PR2, congrats!

  3. @ Sammy we tend to fall in love with people we admire sometimes even our best friends. It is not intentional it just happens. Thank you for appreciating my work.

    @ Ben thank you i am honored and humbled. Asante sana.