Saturday, April 24, 2010


Take my hand
Hold it tight
Never let me go.

Hold me close
Wrap your arms around me
Keep me warm through the night.

As we lay down
Cuddle me
Pull me close
Kiss my temple.

Nothing ever feels the same
Nothing is as it seems
Why does love have to be so complicated?
Why is a yes a no?
Why is a no a yes?
As old as we are
We still ask
What is love?
Is it an emotion?
Is it an invisible dagger?
That stabs you in the heart
Is it a drug?
That gives you a high
Then let’s you down
When you least expect it.
We cry tears
That could fill a river
We hurt
The pain we feel
Has the ability to rip us apart.

I stand in front
Of these two doors
No idea which to open
I have the choice
To leave love behind
And love the flesh
Then I have another choice
To take what I have always wanted
Be loved like never before
To be appreciated as me
But wait……

I am torn
You say you love me
Do you know what love is?
Do we know what love is?
Are we ready to feel?
The pain and pleasure of love
Are we ready to walk?
The rocky road
That is smooth
In the beginning
Then somewhere
It gets rocky
With thorns and stones

Don’t wipe your tears
Let them flow
For once be yourself
Remove that mask
Yes I am talking to you.
Love like you have never loved
Enjoy the bliss of love
Love like there is no tomorrow
Like hate and hurt do not exist.
When you see the one you love
Whether married or not
Hug them tight
Hold them tight
Like you will not be there tomorrow
Kiss them full on the lips
Forget the crowd watching
Forget the disapproving eyes
Kiss like it is your last kiss.
How does it feel?
How does it feel to let go?
And be yourself

Walk away
With a smile on your face.
Take a deep breath…

Put the mask back on….

©thelma migue, 2010

From the cizoepoetry collection.

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