Friday, April 23, 2010


“What’s your name?
What’s your number?
Am glad I came
Can I take your order?”

That was the song that was playing
When she walked into the club
It was also the song
Playing in her head
For the past three days.
Just as she left the bar
With her drink in hand
She bumped into him
Spilling her drink all over him
Oh my gosh
I am so sorry
As she looked at him
She froze
She was speechless
He is, was….
She got bored
Strode to the dance floor
Swung her hips to the beat
He danced towards her
He put his hands on her hips
In unison
They moved
One, two,
One, two, three…
He moved closer
As his hips touched her hips
As he rocked her
He sang in her ear…
“What’s your name?
What’s your number?
Am glad I came,
Can you take my order?”


She sat there
Looking at him
Sleeping next to her
Ironic isn’t it
How and where
You meet your soul mate.
Three years later
With two kids
They were still
Totally in love
He was the man
She had seen in her dreams.

©thelma migue, 2010

From the cizoepoetry collection.

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