Monday, March 1, 2010

My Cry...........

i'm crying
crying as i bid you farewell
welling up into eternity is the sorrow
sorrowing for the death of us...
i'm crying
crying as i pack away the memories
memorising your smile
smiling at bygone moments of bliss...
i'm crying
crying as i stare at this sky so blue
blue is the very core of my being
being forced to live without us
i'm crying
crying at the sight of your wounds
wounding me with your words of anger
angered by my careless words...
i'm crying
crying for me for us...

Written by Krystal Kisia

1 comment:

  1. Sweet creativity...sweet flow of words...yes, words flowing along tearful rivers of emotions...hmmm....the cry of "Kry"..is indeed never dry!Great!