Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My dear Angel,

It must be hard with not having your mother there to guide you and watch you grow. You must be a very beautiful and clever girl. Your auntie Mary comes to see me one in a while and tells me all about your escapades. She says there is a part of you that is closed to her and I know that is the part where you hurt the most. I know you loved your father very much and thought he was the perfect man. I long to see you. Every time your auntie comes alone, my heart breaks. Knowing you will not forgive me breaks me. Here is my story, you may not understand or want to read on but please…this is my last plea.

I met your father ten years ago in college. It was love at first sight. I took him home to meet my parents and they loved him. My mother – your grandmother said he was the perfect gentleman. We got married three years later and got you. We were elated; we were going to be parents. We planned everything from before you were born right to the time I came home from the hospital with you. Your father loved us and provided well. I gave up my job to spend time with you and look after you instead of a house help. Your father got a promotion and we were all happy but it came with a price. It meant him working long hours and spending less time with us but at least we had him for the weekends. Things were going perfectly and he got an offer from another company resigned and joined them. The time he spent with us was minimal but he took care of us well.

As soon as you were in school, I started a business from home. I made sure that it did not interfere with our time together as a family. I am not sure when things started getting crazy but I remember the first time your father hit me. It was after we came home from a cocktail party. He was apologetic so I forgave him and blamed it on the alcohol. He did not hit me again after that. One day, he came home after a long business trip as I was sitting at the vanity table brushing my hair just before we were to go to bed he threw a glass at me. Luckily it missed my face and shattered the mirror. Before I knew what was happening he was pulling my hair. He dragged me and started kicking me. The last I remember is waking up in hospital aching all over. When I tried to sit up I felt this horrible pain in my abdomen. The nurse informed me that I was two weeks pregnant and I had lost the baby. I was devastated and all I could think about was you. I still wonder to this date if your father suspected I was expecting. I still ask myself why he did that.

Soon after I fell into depression and got admitted in a psychiatric hospital. I am sure you remember. I remember the day your father drove me to the hospital you were in tears. I can still see your tear stained face. It broke my heart. My situation was not that bad and three months later I was out and ready to come home.

We had a long talk with your father .I wanted a divorce and he was not for it. He threatened me and told me if I left him he would destroy me. I decided to stay so as not to disrupt your life. I felt like I was living on a prison. Six months ago, I was leaving when he walked in and found our bags in the sitting room. You were in school. A quarrel ensued and he threatened me to kill me. He disappeared into the study and just as I was leaving he repeated if you leave this house I will kill you. I thought he was bluffing till I had the gun shot. He missed me and the bullet hit the door. He started hitting my face with the gun as I screamed for help. I got hold of the gun and tried to rustle it way from him when I had the gun shot. In the struggle I had accidentally shot him. I did not do it on purpose it was self defense.

I hope one day you will understand the pain and torture I went through. I long to see you one last time. I will be waiting at the table in the corner of the courtyard at 10:30am. I long to hug you and kiss your cheek one last time. This is my plea as a mother. This will be the last time we see each other.

Your loving mother,

Monday, March 29, 2010


I woke up
Feeling like a fool.
I shouldn’t
I could’ve
If I walked away
I wouldn’t
Be feeling this way.
Like a drug
I am addicted to you
I can’t help it
You keep pulling me back.
I walk to the shower
There I get refuge
I know once there
I can escape you.
You touch me
Your grip is tight
I am sprung
Strung out
Whatever, you want to call it.
I walk towards you
Just looking at you
Consumes me
In the event
That I should bend
And I can’t resist
May they know I tried.
I really did try.
A tear streams down my cheek
As I slowly give in
Slowly give up the fight….

As you touch my lips
Slowly trickle down my throat
I give up the fight
For my thirst is quenched
For another night
Till I begin to fight
At the dawn of tomorrow’s sunrise.

©thelma migue, 2010


Loving silently has been his mark,
saying most by his
saving most for her heart,
he values the art of
time and pace,
judge not his seemingly cold face,
indeed his has
always been a firm case,
action and reaction ...a critical phase,
after all in the world of the her and him as is the
the domain of cut and paste is,
be beseeched do not make haste.

Written by Kandie Chetalam.


I think about you...
A little more each day
Holding on a little tighter
to all the words you say.
Everyday I miss you
more than the day before.
Our times together
I love and want even more.
I used to dream of you
as I lay in bed each night
now you're my dreams
even through the day lights.
Now am not sacred
to admit... I find my heart
needing you...
I love you... I miss you.

Written by Claris Ogombo

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I love the smell of her perfume
I love the way she looks at me
Her lips say hello
Her smile says I want you
Her eyes undress me.

She lightly touches my shoulder,
Kisses my check softly,
Hugs me affectionately.
Her hand lingers in mine.

Her walk is inviting
The way she moves
The way she licks her lips
I am awed by her presence.

When she talks to me
I don’t hear what a word
I am caught, struck
My emotions ran haywire
When I am around her.

If I could make her mine
Just one night with her
Just one dance
One kiss
Set me free.

©thelma migue, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Heart.....

I’m just a heart beating in your chest

I’m red and pump blood to my best

I beat faster when you fall in love

I try to tell you to seek answers from above

I’m not so wise you should know

I get broken and make you feel low

I hate cupid and his arrows;

If I could I’d pluck his eyebrows

When you see that lady in the street

I know I have to pump blood so I’m up on my feet

I rarely work in tandem with your mind

And I’m at ease when you unwind

I still remember the girls that dumped you

They broke me to pieces and I still blame you

I wish you could pamper and take care of me

I’m a slave in your chest can’t you see

I know love very well and she’s blind

I keep telling you but you listen to your mind

Sometimes I want to stop beating and just scream,

Take a vacation and go for ice-cream

But I’m just a heart beating in your chest

I’m red and pump blood to my best.

Written by Eriq Ochieng.

Monday, March 22, 2010


The thug:
He has the swagger
He is a hustler
He comes from the streets.
He rides with the best
He doesn’t take anything for granted.

The gentleman:
He opened doors for her,
Pulled chairs for her,
He always sought her opinion.
She came first.

Her dilemma:
She loved both
The same but differently
Get my drift……

When she walked down the aisle
She said I do to the gentleman
When the sunset,
She made love to the thug….

©thelma migue,2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Loved You......

I loved you with my empty pockets

Desired you from my eye sockets

I loved you with my manly lips

Relished you down to your hips

I loved you with the prints of my hands

Bathed with you in my sea; next to soft sands

I loved you from September to November

Always there for you, don’t you remember?

I loved you with poems from my pen

Made you a queen among the other women

I loved you with words; in thought

Still keep the gifts that you bought

I loved you with chocolate and wine

Showed the world your heart was mine

I loved you with texts and calls

Picked you up through your falls

I loved you with the darkness, the light

Always kissed you at the end of every night

I loved you with the rain; the sun

Told you some jokes; had some fun

I loved you with my whole heart

Still loved you when you broke this heart

I loved you with all the fibres in my being

Tried to tell you but there was a guy you were seeing

I once loved you. . .

Written by Eriq Ochieng


Was it by chance we met,
Is it by fate we have never met?
How is it we talk with each other,
Yet we have never talked to one another?
How come we recognize each other so well,
Yet we even don't know one another?
Tell me,
How did you come to inhabit a part in my heart,
Yet my words, my being,
Cant describe what you are to me....
Is it destiny that 'brought' us together?
Is it fate keeping us apart?

Written by Fa Mulan

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I love a man who belongs to the community. If someone had warned me I would probably have thought twice and guarded my heart but maybe I wouldn’t have. He says I come first but I feel otherwise. His fingers are always on his blackberry keys and his eyes and ears listening for his phone in case it rings.
Technology has his heart and what I thought was mine is theirs. I have to share.

Women come up to me and tell me how lucky I am and how they would love to be in my shoes. I smile and say thank you. They don’t see the tears in my eyes, the sadness behind my smile and the pain in my voice. My heart cries out for him. I pose for the cameras and hold my baby tight and live in the moment. I kiss and hold him in public and they all ohhh and ahhh and say what a lovely couple with envy in their eyes. My children are my strength. They are the reason I hang in there.

The other day, I heard that he has a clandestine. The woman is young. A single mother with two beautiful children. I wonder if they are his but my heart says otherwise. I wish he would look at me the way he looks at her. I feel the energy in his voice when he comes home after he has been with her. I hear the disappointment in his voice when she cancels their date. I don’t envy or loathe her, I pity her. She may think she has his heart but I have more of him. We share the same bed but we are strangers living in the same house.


Monday, March 8, 2010


Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
She who smiles sweetly and curse just as well?
Or she who laughs gingerly and walks like she touches not the ground.
Maybe she with a face that cause riots,and a body smoking hot.
Or i blessed only in speech and a head on my shoulder?
Mirror mirror,on the wall,tell me,am i the fairest of them all?

Written by Annie Karma.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Cry...........

i'm crying
crying as i bid you farewell
welling up into eternity is the sorrow
sorrowing for the death of us...
i'm crying
crying as i pack away the memories
memorising your smile
smiling at bygone moments of bliss...
i'm crying
crying as i stare at this sky so blue
blue is the very core of my being
being forced to live without us
i'm crying
crying at the sight of your wounds
wounding me with your words of anger
angered by my careless words...
i'm crying
crying for me for us...

Written by Krystal Kisia