Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Vampires Plea (1).........

Write my name in the book of death and in Hades make space for my soul. For I have tainted not only what have touched but what they in turn touch too. Ready the fires that will bound me captive for eternity and tarry not in wishing i will join the devil soon. But you'll have to wait awhile, for I wish not to exeunt this world yet.... See more though it’s sun condemn me to the dark and its holy shrines welcome me not. I will save my fangs for night, when drunkards crawl and wolves warn me away. And angels such as she believes in beasts such as me. Her perception of who I am are purer than all the thoughts I have heard men think in a millennia.

Written by Annie Karma.


  1. Well written and melodic, though it does contain a few spelling and grammatical errors.

  2. it is beautiful,except it is written by annie karma,not kanyi