Friday, January 15, 2010

IF ONLY.......

I miss you,
I wish you were still here
There is no day
That I don’t think about you.

Sometimes I mistake
Another for you.
I miss our arguments
Even though they were trivial
And always seemed to tick me off.

The way we sung those silly songs
Giggled to crazy jokes.
So many times I wished you were a guy
We would have probably dated
Got married and had a handful of children.

We both knew each other so well
Finished each other’s sentences
Stood up for the other
And did step on others toes
And loved it.

Please come back
I look back and realize
I was selfish not to try and change your mind.
I told you he was using you
You didn’t listen
You loved him

You came back in tears
Saying you were not ready
That the time wasn’t right.
I was happy when you said
You were leaving him
You had spent your money and time
On barren ground.
Now you were moving on.

I blame myself for not trying harder…..

Till I got the phone call….
“Is this Mary?” A husky male voice asks
“Yes.” I answer
“ Do you know somebody called Janet?” he asks
“Yes , yes I do. What I wrong?” I say impatiently

Warning bells start ringing in my head….
“We would like you to come and identify her. She died due to complications when undergoing minor surgery”…………

©thelma migue, 2010

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