Friday, January 8, 2010

Do It For Her.......

Kiss her often
hug her more times than ten
commit to her and let her know
tell her how
you want her every minute
from the gigantic to the minute
hold her,caress her
stroke her,squeeze her

Make her smile
go the extra mile
cherish her,spoil her
with chocolate,jewellery and everything nice
make her cold with that ICE
compliment her,acknowledge her
smoother her,adore her

Take her out
make sweet love,make her shout
live her,breath her
ride with her on the flying carpet
make her laugh using that puppet
and every other day,
treasure her,protect her
please her,love her
touch her,massage her
be with her,comfort her
and most importantly don't forget
to tell her you LOVE her...

Written by Eriq Ochieng....


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  2. Thank you Laikhra. I am humbled. people write a lot of crap. I try to keep it real. There are lot's of blogs out there that are also good. Try this one.....http://watchtawa.blogspot.com.