Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kandie Work.........

Please come close,
and let us make this...,
a session treasured,
lets us exchange thoughts ,
in the flickering glow of candle light,
and dine on soul food,
as the wax sensually as it may,
wears down the beauty of,
a night such as this.

Written by Kandie إسماعيل

love me while you can,
sink not beloved,
say at it all before its tanned,
because the future sometimes,
is about moments like this.

Written by Kandie إسماعيل

Thursday, January 28, 2010


A night full of promises for tomorrow,
A night insatiable for the sunrise.
A young maiden's heart
was caught up in that confusion.
Completely taken by surprise.
She longed for her Lovers touch
to hold,to kiss,to tell him
that she loves him...
Only to her dismay
her lovers heart
belonged to another
and she would have
to take that
to the Dawn...

Written by Hope Dominique.....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love Bile......

I will love you for all time,
you are like kin
we can never share passion
it would be a sin.
Do not brand me cold
because i do not greet you with a lovers embrace,
i am more brother
now you see it in my face
passion has lost its place.
I will love you for all time,
but you can never be mine,
some boundaries we can never cross
for obvious reasons of course,
you are more friend than lover
my heart belongs to another
as my friend i will love you for all time.

Written by Yang Qwey Iro.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hold These Hands........

Hold these hands,
they belong to you,
wrap into them and dream yourself calm,
they fit perfectly arise and reign.
Hold these hands,
and light a fire,
to light your way and reveal your steps,
own this fire,
let it dance to your inhale ,
and sing to your exhale.
Hold these hands,
and paint him fresh,
after all he is yours and you are his,
let him play his music,
this music that pounds you with so much feel.

Written by Kandie إسماعيل

Friday, January 22, 2010

While You Can........

Find love,
while you can,
kiss this woman,
make her burn,
grab this man,
use your charm,
life is short needless to say,
happen while you still can,
before time comes and you have nothing to sum.

Find your reason to be,
find cause; find peace,
rest on your thoughts,
believe that of the almighty,
inspire if you can,
be inspired if you would,
to say the least.

Written by Kandie إسماعيل

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Vampire’s Plea (2)......

Her heart warmer than her sun compared to the cold of death that is mine.
Her love, providing the only warmth and desire for me to linger in a world that wants me not. A creature yet she promises to protect. I know not why a girl like her would want a guy like me. I know not why am rewarded, for my sins. For I have in the past on the verge of cravings broke the 5th commandment. I have when death crept on me, partake thee... Seen more drinking of man. I have, by default, sealed a deal with the devil himself. Immortality for my soul. Once more, if u must, for once more I must take the bite. Even though I fear for her soul, she is as stubborn as a mule. I would much rather be the one to bite than lose her to an adversary with the same fangs. Since its written that hell I must abode, must confess that it won’t be the same without her.

Written by Annie Karma

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Vampires Plea (1).........

Write my name in the book of death and in Hades make space for my soul. For I have tainted not only what have touched but what they in turn touch too. Ready the fires that will bound me captive for eternity and tarry not in wishing i will join the devil soon. But you'll have to wait awhile, for I wish not to exeunt this world yet.... See more though it’s sun condemn me to the dark and its holy shrines welcome me not. I will save my fangs for night, when drunkards crawl and wolves warn me away. And angels such as she believes in beasts such as me. Her perception of who I am are purer than all the thoughts I have heard men think in a millennia.

Written by Annie Karma.

Friday, January 15, 2010

IF ONLY.......

I miss you,
I wish you were still here
There is no day
That I don’t think about you.

Sometimes I mistake
Another for you.
I miss our arguments
Even though they were trivial
And always seemed to tick me off.

The way we sung those silly songs
Giggled to crazy jokes.
So many times I wished you were a guy
We would have probably dated
Got married and had a handful of children.

We both knew each other so well
Finished each other’s sentences
Stood up for the other
And did step on others toes
And loved it.

Please come back
I look back and realize
I was selfish not to try and change your mind.
I told you he was using you
You didn’t listen
You loved him

You came back in tears
Saying you were not ready
That the time wasn’t right.
I was happy when you said
You were leaving him
You had spent your money and time
On barren ground.
Now you were moving on.

I blame myself for not trying harder…..

Till I got the phone call….
“Is this Mary?” A husky male voice asks
“Yes.” I answer
“ Do you know somebody called Janet?” he asks
“Yes , yes I do. What I wrong?” I say impatiently

Warning bells start ringing in my head….
“We would like you to come and identify her. She died due to complications when undergoing minor surgery”…………

©thelma migue, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Oh no!
What have I done?
What took three years?
Gone in three minutes.

Under better circumstances,
In a better way,
The right choice of words
The difference.

In a moment,
In anger,
Did not mince my words
Spoke my mind.

The pain,
On your face,
The silence,
In the room

Nothing can compare,
To the look of death,
On your face.

© thelma migue, 2009

Friday, January 8, 2010

Do It For Her.......

Kiss her often
hug her more times than ten
commit to her and let her know
tell her how
you want her every minute
from the gigantic to the minute
hold her,caress her
stroke her,squeeze her

Make her smile
go the extra mile
cherish her,spoil her
with chocolate,jewellery and everything nice
make her cold with that ICE
compliment her,acknowledge her
smoother her,adore her

Take her out
make sweet love,make her shout
live her,breath her
ride with her on the flying carpet
make her laugh using that puppet
and every other day,
treasure her,protect her
please her,love her
touch her,massage her
be with her,comfort her
and most importantly don't forget
to tell her you LOVE her...

Written by Eriq Ochieng....

Monday, January 4, 2010


She knew he wasn’t hers
She knew it wouldn’t last
She knew the time would come
When the curtain would fall.

She knew his money
Wouldn’t last forever
She knew his love
Was nothing but lust
She knew he cared.

Slowly she drew his blood
Drunk from the cup
Tasted both pleasure and pain
Greed and disgust
Knowing she was strapped for time.

She knew her beauty would fade,
Slowly she would fade away
She took what she could
Left what she couldn’t.

She left terror in her path,


She didn’t care……

©thelma migue,2009

I would like to wish all the contributors and the readers to the blog a happy new year....