Monday, December 28, 2009

Glued To You..........

Your blush as I stare
my heart you leave bare
exposed to the clutches of your love
bathing in its purity like a dove.
Your eyes my ebony queen
reach to depths unseen
a touch of your silky skin
entices like tepmtations and sin.
Curves of your frame
put other girls to shame
you linger on my mind
with your enchanting beauty of a kind.
In your passion I submerge
with every kiss our hearts merge
that beatific smile casts a spell
in my dreams you augur well.
Cute feet;seductive walk
on days we meet;for intelligent talk
the rythm of your heart beat
swear on your brow in the afternoon heat
warmth of your hand at sunset.
The goosebumps you get
these things about you
glue me more to you.

Written by Eric Ochieng.....

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