Monday, December 28, 2009

Glued To You..........

Your blush as I stare
my heart you leave bare
exposed to the clutches of your love
bathing in its purity like a dove.
Your eyes my ebony queen
reach to depths unseen
a touch of your silky skin
entices like tepmtations and sin.
Curves of your frame
put other girls to shame
you linger on my mind
with your enchanting beauty of a kind.
In your passion I submerge
with every kiss our hearts merge
that beatific smile casts a spell
in my dreams you augur well.
Cute feet;seductive walk
on days we meet;for intelligent talk
the rythm of your heart beat
swear on your brow in the afternoon heat
warmth of your hand at sunset.
The goosebumps you get
these things about you
glue me more to you.

Written by Eric Ochieng.....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My palms are sweating,
My hands are shaking
My head is spinning
I am so nervous.

I am not usually like this,
I am always excited
With a smile on my face
As I wait for the dial tone.

I pick up the phone
Dial your number
Then the dial tone

Then a voice says….
“The number you are calling has been switched off.
Numbari uliopiga imezimwa. Tafadhali jaribu baadaye.”

©thelma migue, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Eternal Game........

Ours has always been the eternal dance,
of push and pull,
a game of curves and squares,
faith and mathematics,
one touch here,
another cut there,
and before long,
it is quid pro quo,
heart for sight,
scent for touch,
laughter for tears,
indeed tears of joy,
how benign,
how divine.

Written by Kandie إسماعيل

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Love and Hate:Error of errors

Doves by day, love by night,
heart break by sunset,
spades black with hate and hurt ,
vexed in the red sea of fatal passions,
etched elements masculine painted feminine,
best described; a touch of the divine, fire and water as one,
love and hate intertwined double helix,
At that nexus ,this is the story. Everyone's story,
at the very least those fortunate to see the light of day, the next day,
those careful to spread a smile for the morning sun
and shed a tear for the sweet caress of the subtle breeze,
soaked in memories pleasant sweet.
So we ask ourselves,
why heart,why love.

Written by Kandie إسماعيل

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

His Mark............

He left his mark on me.
With every word from his lips.
He had my heart sealed.
With every touch of his hands.
He had my skin branded.
He left me intoxicated.
With only thoughts of him in my head.
I'm zombie like tryin my best to forget him.
But the mark he left keeps calling out to him.
No one seems to erase it. Nothin can get rid of it.

Written by Carol Karey.