Thursday, November 26, 2009


Every day I watch
As you get bigger
My skin stretches
Accommodating you.

Every day I am amazed
At God’s creation
From a seed to
A human being.

I can’t wait to hold you
I can’t wait to have you
Watch you grow
Like I did the first.

Maybe one day
Maybe someday.

©thelma migue, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

HiGH Voltage Love...

would call it a power surge,
That triggered the
safety valve due to high voltage,
But it’s not a power
its love flowing in high voltage.

The people of Nyanza
would call it the river Nyando,
Full, during the rainy
My Nyako, it’s not the
its Love overflowing, over its banks.

The lads in the army
would call it the hummer,
So strong, tested and
tried by rough terrain,
My apple, it’s not the
It’s Love, like no
Tried and tested.

The young boys would call
it a BMX,
The excitement of
owning one,
Dearest it’s not a
bike I just acquired,
Nah, it’s the
excitement of falling in love,
Of being in love,
With you.

©James Rabar 2009

My last breath...........

inhale exhale,breath in then out, remind me not of my past sin but let me regain composure,leting me know that my life will not be lost in vain,my pains remaio my own,so the dust may rise mixing with th ashes bring an end to the basic balance of life,cutting deep into my chest as i gasp on what could be my last breath,but it embodies nothing special inhale exhale,breath in then out,my last breath will be my greatest but i doubt it will last. . .thought bleed

Written by Yang 'qwey' Iro

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Untitled..........IN REPLY..........

Once, you asked me to be honest and true,
Not to lay my eyes on anyone else but you,
and i did.
Once, you asked me to stand by your side,
never to slide even on the treacherous slopes of life,
and i did.
Now when i am ready ,
never to asunder,
i feel betrayed,
why do you betray that which you cared most?
I know now,
That i have to break your heart,
as i burn mine.

Written by Kandie إسماعيل

This I asked
For honesty and truth
You gave me lies and deceit.
What you spoke
Did not come from your heart
But from your mouth.
When we were together
your eyes wandered
Cheated and lied.
My love turned to hate
I swore never again
To be swayed by love.
You already broke my heart
With your eyes.
This time we will both burn
In the sea of hate.

©thelma migue, 2009
(This is the reply to Kandie's poem)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Love, My Heart.......

Never will I deny God my first love,
For He has given me one other soul love
Besides my own.
Our eyes which have seen the years of unsatisfied charity, will be no longer
The music your heart echoes makes my heart resound with lyrics
And the timing of our thoughts are like the sea knowing the shores
To find a mirror image with its own reflection never seemed to be a reality
But with a smile that sparkles like a star and passion that rises from our bones
We have found grace, beauty and strength.
I give to you this day, forever
My love, my heart for your own.

Written by Sheila Lesley.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Fate was not on her side,
She used her senses
When she asked for help
They ignored her
Or pretended they did not hear her.
Some befriended her
Just to use her.
Every day she asked herself why?
Why me?
Was her daily cry.
Mummy abandoned her
Left her with her grandmother
Who died after a year.
She moved from home to home.
Sometimes she slept in the gutter.
She became a whore
Not by choice
Circumstances forced her too.
She was beautiful.
Her only sin……

She was born blind……

©thelma migue, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In her eyes I get my strength

In her smile I get comfort

In her her skin I get knowledge

In her voice I get to understand

In her food I get growth

This girl, this daughter, this mother, this grandmother. This woman...

Written By Yvonne Achieng.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Why is it so hard? Why does life have to be so hard and so cruel? Why did you have to go and break my heart? Wasn't it enough to cheat on me? What did i do to deserve this? What crime did i commit to be punished this way? These are all the questions Angie had in mind as she sat in the pub with a shot of vodka. In the dark, as tears rolled down her cheeks, as she remembered the scene like it was just yesterday.

It wasn't long ago that she was on cloud nine. Rolling, winning and dinning with the love of her life. Whenever they were free, they spent it together. Her life was so intertwined in his, she forgot her friends. She stopped hanging out with her click, going to her favorite clubs. His time was her time. His life was her life. She hang out with his friends, accompanied him to the golf club and watched him play golf and goof around with his friends. All the while she made herself look pretty and was at his beck and call. Angie get this. Angie the drinks are over. Angie my back is aching, i think i need you r magical fingers to rub my back.

It did not take David long to convince her to move in with him. Despite her friends and family warning her and trying to change her mind. In spite of her better judgment she moved in. In the beginning life was good. He came home early, spoilt her, surprised her with little gifts, candle lite dinners, little treasure hunts. As they got used to each other, things became slow and ground to a halt. He stopped calling to say he would be late. He would walk in late and not give an excuse or a credible excuse. The writing was on the wall but she refused to see it. She was too much in love.

One weekend she decided to go to see her mum. It had been long since she was home and besides they needed to patch things up. Her mum did not approve of David. Despite, the lovely greetings and catching up and a little convincing from mum. Angie decided to go back to the house to get a few clothes for the week. They needed to do some major bonding.

Angie was nervous wondering what excuse she would give David. He was having office friends over the week and wanted her to play hostess as usual. Knowing that he'd gone for team building over the weekend with his colleagues made it a little bit easier. At least she would break it down over the phone.

The house was quiet. She walked in and there was a weird smell almost like take out. He must have come home early and decided not to cook. She thought to herself. The house was a mess, clothes strewn everywhere, the corridor, the sitting room, the dining, bathroom. What the hell went on here? Is it so hard for men to pick up after themselves? As she got closer to the bedroom the sound of mourning got louder. The door was a jar and the room was a mess. Clothes on the floor, the duvet and sheets on the floor. As her eyes followed the sounds, her heart stopped. Her screams caught in her throat, her chest began to feel heavy and her head felt light. The room started to spin, she reached out to grab the door to break her fall, then the room went black.

Angie woke up to find herself laying in bed and the curtains drawn. She got up to switch on the bedside light. Still in shock, it took her while to catch her breath and she was still dazed from the fall. She thought back to what she had seen when she walked into the room. Intertwined in the sheets, David and John locked in the moment of passion, tearing at each other. There was a third person or so she thought.

It would have made sense if it was a woman. But to walk in and find the man you have been sharing a bed with, sleeping with, sharing your life with and the one she loved with another man and to add insult to injury gay male stripper.

David walked into the room, an ice pack in one hand and John holding the other arm. The room turned cold. Angie stood up, anger in her eyes then began to sway again. David caught her before she fell and sat her gently on the bed.

David sat on the side on the bed and reached out to hold her hand but she pulled it back. Her skin crawled at the sight of him and all the love she had, began to turn to ice. So many questions flooded her mind.

“I am sorry you had to find out this way.” David said

“How long has this been going on? Why did you not tell me? Were you already gay before we met?” Angie asked

The questions rolled out one after another.

“ It all started when i was in high school. I had these feelings towards men. I tried to fight it. I went to confession and did penance. I knew i was different. All through university, i fought it. I thought i was cursed. I mean every guy in my class had more than one chic a night, while i was lonely in my room. I buried myself in my books. The more i fought, the stronger it became.” David continued

“ I did come out of the closet. Only my close friends and now you know about it. I am sorry you had to find out this way”. David said

Angie was speechless. There was nothing left to say.

As she packed her things and got ready to leave. She came across the pictures of their last vacation to the Seychelles. As she looked closer, something caught her eye. David was not looking at the camera, he was looking beyond. She took a closer look with the magnifying glass. She could not believe it. No wonder he looked vaguely familiar, he was the dude at the beach in Seychelles that David had made friends with.

The signs were all there. The disappearing acts, the little white lies, the disappearances in the middle of the night. All of a sudden John was part of the inner circle.

Written by ©thelma migue, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

She Did Her Best........

All she could think is “it's all my fault”
But was it her fault?
Did she deserve what she got
Was she in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Her body did not feel the same
All that she can remember is that it all hurt.

She did her best to scream .
She did her best to fight.

Now all she can ask is why me Lord
Do you hate me this much to let this happen to me
where did I go wrong
I prayed, I fasted and gave you thanks.

She did her best to beg
She did her best to plead.

Don't you even dare tell anyone
sweat, bad breath, insults is like a tattoo on her body
The hate in her heart is enough to burn the whole earth

She gets home
stands in front of a mirror
Goes in the kitchen
Pulls a knife from the drawer...

But was her best enough...

Written by Yvonne Achieng.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Your lips on my lips
Your skin on my skin
Your hands on my curves
Your words in my ears
Your eyes locked with mine
You push me slowly on the ground
You slip your leg between my thighs
Inside I ask myself, do you feel the way I feel
After we do this will you love me more?
I surrender all, surrender with me...

Written by Yvonne Achieng