Friday, October 30, 2009

The truth About She's

A woman desires time off,

Sometimes she just wants to be to be alone,

Alone in her own world of silence.

A woman at times withdraws into her ‘shell’,

Don’t make the mistake of following her there;

It’s her ‘shell’ and hers alone.

A woman’s heart sometimes gets cold, much colder than the North Pole,

If th...is happens don’t worry, in no time her heart will be back to the tropics,

She is just being herself.

A woman heart is delicate,

Treat her gently or else she might break,

And you might see her no more in your nest,

A woman desires to feel protected and covered,

That’s why she will ask a man to walk her home or to the bus stage even if

The man in question owns no gun or is not graciously endowed with biceps.
A woman desires to be treated with respect and dignity,

She desires to be cherished, treasured,

And above all she desires to be deeply loved, by the man of her dreams.

©James Rabar 2009


  1. you have spoken after my own heart. Now thats a true woman.

  2. Great piece James.

  3. 'She is just being herself'..love this

  4. It is not too hard to understand women, after all.... or is it?

  5. Wow! Its been on Citizen Tv's (kenya) inspirational moments breakfast show! Good stuff!