Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sucess At Last..........

They never told us it'd be this tough;
That life would dismiss you like a puff,
And friends forsake you with a laugh.
They never said it'd seem so bleak;
That everything would be so sick,
And success just take a peak.

I woke up with an eerie of fear,
Knowing that it'd be a struggle to bear,
It turned out to be an abyss to dig,
With a heart and effort less than big;
Urging me on with the lash of pilate,
So cruel and bitter like herbs on a plate.

But my chronic starvation for success,
Overcame all my feras and worries with grace.
The daily facade of indifference I walk,
Is replaced by a subtle supremacy of hard work.
I learnt to embrace hardship and endure,
For I know a reward of success is sure.

Written by Steven Muga

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