Thursday, October 1, 2009


I pillowed my head to take a rest,
But I grew even more waery.
I tried to roll and turn for comfort,
But remained jaded and burnt.
Sorrows my heart bore;
Cosy my head knew not.

I filled a keg of brew,
But felt more empty and thirsty.
I tried running miles in a flash,
But peace ran even faster.
Troubles teemed my self;
Happiness my heart knew not.

I tried reaching for the welkin,
But my limbs let me down.
Songs from the grave seemed a melody,
Scowling was a daily dosage,
Joy beckoned unctuously,
Immortality my soul knew not.

I resigned to introspection,
But not a smirchless point found I.
I screamed for help from the deities,
But images bluntly scoffed back.
Finally,laid there my sponge thrown in,
Gasping for air as I gave up the ghost...

Then I called one last name... JESUS!!!

Written by Steven Muga.


  1. Yt: nice and its 1 of them poems u treasure.

  2. inspired by true life events,seemingly

  3. They say that Smooth seas dont make skillfull sailors and wen the sea is rough n they are struggling 2survive,they cal 2da Deity...tho da last,he is the best option.wish wed cal him first.(miriam)