Tuesday, October 6, 2009

From The Wall Untitled.......

There more 2 life than just love of money,i ask myself where does my spirit go after the curtains close on my final show? Is there a pain it brings? Do I enjoy my favorite things? Visit ancient kings, hear the angels sing? So next time you go crying over love ask yourself coz we only got one life.
Written by Ian K. Mrinji

I sit here alone, moping, looking at the photos, will you ever look at me the same? Will I ever taste those cherry lips again? Will I ever feel your warmth again?
So we crossed the line,
so we freaked out, but who cares? As long as we got each other, nothing else matters, all I want is you back by my side :-(
Written by Ben Mwangi

This true from me to you. I gotta connect, gotta meet, a bond between two. Special exists between we two. Between us its the space thats good enough for us to do good. Big enuff for us to stay cool. Small enough for us to remain true. To the ones we love, the ones we have, the ones we serve, the bonds we preserve, the ones we deserve. For our differences remain ever so true, our passions may make us so blue, coz you're never ready to embrace the clue, i send you. Its time i tell you the truth. I prefer her to you. You prefer him to me. Our love for the two, separates me and you.
Written by Zayd Anthony


  1. i like the first poem, its very good,