Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From The Wall Untitled Part 2

They all followed suit, no sound was made except for the heavy breath each was taking, their faces covered with fear, minds endorsed pictures of the cross, that night they died a death so gross...
Written by Yt Machiavelli

A cold heart she had, a heart that couldn't trust, a heart that couldn't give itself 2 b loved in return, a heart that stared at love without blinking, a heart made cold by love when she gave her heart to her only one, who returned it hurt and in pieces. Now it is hard to undo the damage that has made her heart cold and savage.
Written by Robert Omondi

When u left i saw no meaning of love even though I didn’t know what love was but I shared my 1st kiss, intimate touch with you and that made you special 2 me. I realize that love doesn’t end it goes on, and on forever, I lied when I said I didn’t care, I did. But tody am falling in love with sm1 who has already fallen 4 me. He loves me the way I am, adores me like crazy oh yes that was y u had 2 go so I could know love!
Written by Josephine Nduta

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