Monday, October 12, 2009

Can't Let Go.........

Your touch is like a grip on my spine
Your lips is like sweet words from your mouth to mine
Your hairy chest is like fine linen on my breast
Your eyes pierce straight into my inner soul
Your voice, your voice is my weakness, it lifts me from the ground
But, you want to let go of me
let go of me so that I can fall
But am not ready to fall
Not going to let go
Wont let go
Cos I have to get you all
Get you all from your skin to your inner marrow
Cant let go...

Written by Yvonne Achieng...


  1. Hello from Nouméa
    Poetry is food for the soul

  2. Hi Lilas! Wow....yes it is......thanks.

  3. Poetry is like making Love, from when you start foreplay to the climax. It gives you full satisfaction...