Friday, October 30, 2009

The truth About She's

A woman desires time off,

Sometimes she just wants to be to be alone,

Alone in her own world of silence.

A woman at times withdraws into her ‘shell’,

Don’t make the mistake of following her there;

It’s her ‘shell’ and hers alone.

A woman’s heart sometimes gets cold, much colder than the North Pole,

If th...is happens don’t worry, in no time her heart will be back to the tropics,

She is just being herself.

A woman heart is delicate,

Treat her gently or else she might break,

And you might see her no more in your nest,

A woman desires to feel protected and covered,

That’s why she will ask a man to walk her home or to the bus stage even if

The man in question owns no gun or is not graciously endowed with biceps.
A woman desires to be treated with respect and dignity,

She desires to be cherished, treasured,

And above all she desires to be deeply loved, by the man of her dreams.

©James Rabar 2009


Relationships are like roses
,they are beautiful before they die..
When they are in bloom they will make you smile,and when they're gone they will make you cry..
Red in the rose symbolizes passion&love,which only you can earn,Or perhaps a roaring fire,which can also make you burn
,what about the oth...er roses?what do their colours symbolize?
People choose to ignore the thorns from the rose that's far from plain,
Not realizing that even beautiful things can cause you grief and pain,yet being best thing ever!!!

Written by Sheila Lesley.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am in one of those moods
I don’t feel like working
All I want to do
Is sit and reflect.
I find myself getting a pen and paper
The words run from my mind to my fingers
I begin to write.
I look up and look at you
The smile on your face
The love in your eyes
You reach out your hand
Touch my face
Caress my lips
You bend your head
Kiss me
That deep sensual kiss
That makes my heart melt.
Tears cloud my eyes
The words won’t come out
You don’t have to say it – you say
You read my thoughts
This time I know
I am not going to self destruct
It will not be like the last.
It will not die
The pain will be there
The love will overshadow it.
The wind lightly brushes my face
I wake up and reach out for you……

All this time I was dreaming……

©thelma migue, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I woke up this morning feeling like trash i wondered was it worth all the fuss. All the hassle and pain. Silently i watch his chest rise n fall. I get up and dress in his sleep he murmurs yes. I put on my clothes turn and head for the door just as i ...am about to open it he grabs me by the shoulder throws me across the room hits me on my face all the while shouting you filthy whore. He carrys me to the bed performs his act of love zips his trousers and walks out. I suffer in silence cry in the dark mother says its an act of love. With a bunch of roses and a box of chocolates on one knee he asks for forgiveness. I feel pity and shame all the love i have fades away. I take him back not for my sake but for their sake.

©thelma migue, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Be Of Heart

Be alive and sink not in the tempest,
many said many slept,
but in the end, all was kept,
success was in your net,
you believed and you were spent,
on glory beyond intent.

Written By Kandie سماعيل

Without You.....

There is no music without song,
No song without harmony,
No harmony without rhythm
No rhythm without laughter,
No laughter without joy,
No joy without Happiness,
No happiness without love,
And there is no love without You.

Written by Fa Mulan

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


From across the room
I felt his stare.
It burnt through my being
I felt like I was being scrutinized.
It was as if he saw my sin
Deep within.
I blushed from head to toe.
Everywhere I moved
His eyes moved with me.
He tilted his head
And like a woman possessed
I followed him to the lounge.
We exchanged numbers
First and last names.
He called after a week…
The rendezvous was set.
We meet in an apartment
Got down to business.
You see,
I was a bored woman
Living a life of luxury
Without passion
Without service.
I felt like a china doll.
This continued for months….
In the midst of it all
With all the pleasure
Mourning and groaning…

I called out his name,
In the heat of passion
I confessed my infidelity…….

©thelma migue, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009


I met him on the internet.
His profile was too die for.
His photo was beautiful.
I called him Mr. Pretty.
Out of boredom
I started chatting with him
I had been ignoring his chats
For quite a while now.
We decided to meet
I had never being on a blind date.
On that day
My butterflies were killing me.
I wanted to cancel the date
But curiosity got the better of me.
We met at a coffee house
The minute I walked in
He recognized me
He said I looked more beautiful in real.
I laughed like a little gal.
One date led to another
Drinks led to dinner.
The day he kissed me
I lost my mind.
I was overtaken by emotion
Surrendered and devoted.
He consumed my every thought.
He was everywhere I was
I was everywhere he was.
Ten years have gone
I remember them
Like they were yesterday.

“Madam it is time to throw the soil” the priest cuts through my day dream
I lift my black veil.
Pick the soil from the spade.
Hold it and feel the warm of the sun.
Reminds me, of the warmth of your body.
I throw it in as the priest says…
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.
You are gone in the physical
But forever you will be in my heart.

©thelma migue, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009


You stare at me
Like you know me.
You look at me
Like you want to talk to me.
Your mouth opens
You are about to say something.
Our eyes meet
We turn and look away.
There is no need to talk
I know what you want
You know what I want.
We alight together
Stop and turn
Our eyes say goodbye.

©thelma migue,2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An ode to poetry......

for the love of poetry would the know it was me,for the love of poetry would they see what i see,if i poured out my soul for the love of poetry could i regain control, all for the love of poetry or would my passion consume me whole. for the love of poetry i had it now i fear i would loose it all,for the love of poetry weighed heavy on my mind,a love that found me for the love of poetry a new version of me they will see,for the love of poetry is what made me a poet & forever this is how it will be.

Written by Yang 'qwey' Iro


a good woman is
a sweet scent for his soul,
subtle but powerful,
and always a heart beat away.

a good man is a knight,
by the round table he may be,
but to her he is armour in defense
her majesty's ship he protects.

together they reign and lead domain,
and jannah is their main aim.
a good man ,
a good woman,
a statement they always make.

Written by Kandie إسماعيل

Monday, October 12, 2009

Can't Let Go.........

Your touch is like a grip on my spine
Your lips is like sweet words from your mouth to mine
Your hairy chest is like fine linen on my breast
Your eyes pierce straight into my inner soul
Your voice, your voice is my weakness, it lifts me from the ground
But, you want to let go of me
let go of me so that I can fall
But am not ready to fall
Not going to let go
Wont let go
Cos I have to get you all
Get you all from your skin to your inner marrow
Cant let go...

Written by Yvonne Achieng...

Who do you be?

At this point in life
a man has two
reasons to live
to face and fight
or to hit and fly.

If he is who he is
then he be a sword
If he be not
then he be a kafir
to be erased
on the day of battle.

On this frame of time
a woman has
two reasons to live
to stand and be
or to walk and flee.

A woman of stand
is the pearl of the eye
and she be a queen.

Her latter is an eel
a pain from within
and she be forgotten
for like wind of myth
she knows not
where she goes.

Written by Kandie إسماعيل

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lonely Heart......

my lonely heart
was once hurt
when i fully gave
i dug a grave

my lonely heart
needs an embrace
in this world of race
to save its face

my lonely heart
longs for the warmth
the world will bring forth
when emptiness is at wrath

my lonely heart
it longs to love
the feeling of the dove
my lonely heart is hungry for love.

Written by Joy Shambula
(from joy shambula originals)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


When I saw you,
I was afraid to meet you.
When I met you
I was afraid to kiss you.
When I kissed you,
I was afraid to love you.
Now that I love you,
I am afraid to lose you.

Written by Sarah Mortimore.

Twisted Luv....

Fate pushd us 2getha
2random particles in th cosmo
Coulda been anyone, bt it wsnt
It brought me u

Best friends, biggest lv
Lv u 4 who u r
Alwez thea 4me
Alwez thea 4me?

U took my hand, saved me frm th jagged rocks below
We took a stroll, hand in hand
4once th grass is greener, on our side
4once th hate aint flowin, spreadin venom n vengeance
All u my dear

Nurtured it, th next eutopia
Birds singin, golden sun in th horizon
Smilin at us, an image of perfection

Gravel slips arnd my feet,th ocean kisses th rocks below
when did we come back here, 2th edge?
I'm confused, y u doin this
Y u pushn me, at least tell me
so that if i'm wrong, i'll jump
Take a look at that sign post, "u r leavin eutopia, come again soon"
I may nt b all that, bt r u goin 2b hapi walkn it alone
Or wit another, memories hangin in ua concience
U can replace, neva replicate

I look deep in ua eyes, 4a sign, 4once i cnt read anything
Cnt hate u, neva will
Luk in my eyes, see it?
Always truthful, always lovin, neva irrational

Push me, i will jump
Mayb i cn dive, mayb i'l live
Bt wot if u change ua mind, wot if i'm too far 2hear?
Wot if i hear, bt th pain is too much
wot if i hear, bt th current is too strong
wot if i hear, bt she's pullin me wit a lifesaver, wen u pushd me?

Dearest u r 2my heart, I gave u it
i'v learnt 2crawl, i learnt 2 walk
I didnt want this one, bt i can learn...to walk away!

Written by Ben Mwangi.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From The Wall Untitled Part 2

They all followed suit, no sound was made except for the heavy breath each was taking, their faces covered with fear, minds endorsed pictures of the cross, that night they died a death so gross...
Written by Yt Machiavelli

A cold heart she had, a heart that couldn't trust, a heart that couldn't give itself 2 b loved in return, a heart that stared at love without blinking, a heart made cold by love when she gave her heart to her only one, who returned it hurt and in pieces. Now it is hard to undo the damage that has made her heart cold and savage.
Written by Robert Omondi

When u left i saw no meaning of love even though I didn’t know what love was but I shared my 1st kiss, intimate touch with you and that made you special 2 me. I realize that love doesn’t end it goes on, and on forever, I lied when I said I didn’t care, I did. But tody am falling in love with sm1 who has already fallen 4 me. He loves me the way I am, adores me like crazy oh yes that was y u had 2 go so I could know love!
Written by Josephine Nduta

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

From The Wall Untitled.......

There more 2 life than just love of money,i ask myself where does my spirit go after the curtains close on my final show? Is there a pain it brings? Do I enjoy my favorite things? Visit ancient kings, hear the angels sing? So next time you go crying over love ask yourself coz we only got one life.
Written by Ian K. Mrinji

I sit here alone, moping, looking at the photos, will you ever look at me the same? Will I ever taste those cherry lips again? Will I ever feel your warmth again?
So we crossed the line,
so we freaked out, but who cares? As long as we got each other, nothing else matters, all I want is you back by my side :-(
Written by Ben Mwangi

This true from me to you. I gotta connect, gotta meet, a bond between two. Special exists between we two. Between us its the space thats good enough for us to do good. Big enuff for us to stay cool. Small enough for us to remain true. To the ones we love, the ones we have, the ones we serve, the bonds we preserve, the ones we deserve. For our differences remain ever so true, our passions may make us so blue, coz you're never ready to embrace the clue, i send you. Its time i tell you the truth. I prefer her to you. You prefer him to me. Our love for the two, separates me and you.
Written by Zayd Anthony

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Your love has faded,
Your adoration has ended
I can see it in your eyes
I am not that special

If you only knew
If you tried to understand,
If you knew where
I was coming from.

You don’t have to say it
I can see it
I won’t ask again
I already have my answer.

Don’t deny it
I am not stupid
This time I will be wiser
Protect myself
Walk away
Before it gets too deep.

©thelma migue, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I pillowed my head to take a rest,
But I grew even more waery.
I tried to roll and turn for comfort,
But remained jaded and burnt.
Sorrows my heart bore;
Cosy my head knew not.

I filled a keg of brew,
But felt more empty and thirsty.
I tried running miles in a flash,
But peace ran even faster.
Troubles teemed my self;
Happiness my heart knew not.

I tried reaching for the welkin,
But my limbs let me down.
Songs from the grave seemed a melody,
Scowling was a daily dosage,
Joy beckoned unctuously,
Immortality my soul knew not.

I resigned to introspection,
But not a smirchless point found I.
I screamed for help from the deities,
But images bluntly scoffed back.
Finally,laid there my sponge thrown in,
Gasping for air as I gave up the ghost...

Then I called one last name... JESUS!!!

Written by Steven Muga.

Sucess At Last..........

They never told us it'd be this tough;
That life would dismiss you like a puff,
And friends forsake you with a laugh.
They never said it'd seem so bleak;
That everything would be so sick,
And success just take a peak.

I woke up with an eerie of fear,
Knowing that it'd be a struggle to bear,
It turned out to be an abyss to dig,
With a heart and effort less than big;
Urging me on with the lash of pilate,
So cruel and bitter like herbs on a plate.

But my chronic starvation for success,
Overcame all my feras and worries with grace.
The daily facade of indifference I walk,
Is replaced by a subtle supremacy of hard work.
I learnt to embrace hardship and endure,
For I know a reward of success is sure.

Written by Steven Muga


Words can neither define,
nor illustrate what u mean to me.
Closer than my heart,
deeper than my soul,
a soulmate,
a partner,
a lover.
As we bask in the warmth of our bodies,
the gasping n sweaty proof of our love,
the secret taboo,
the taste of something so wrong, so good,
uncovered animal instincts,
so deep, so pure,
bound together in this dance.
The epitome of trust,
bound to secrecy,
they won't understand,
we walk alone,
we walk untamed.

Written by Ben Mwangi…..

Words Unspoken......

Words Inside
I can not describe
for what I want to say
will for sure not last all day.
But for what my heart needs to say
I know will last all day.
What I want to say to him
is that I hate him
but what my heart has to say
Is that the truth for sure
I love him.

Written by Sarah Mortimore