Thursday, July 23, 2009


Sitting in a room,
Glass mirrors all around,
All I see is you,
Yours my reflection.

No words can say,
What we are really feeling,
There is so much emotion
So much to say.

The silence cuts like a knife,
Your expression says it all,
Sorry will not work this time.

I thought this would last forever,
From basic friendship,
To emotional friendship,
This is not fair,
I want to scream,
The words won’t come out.

Tears stream down my face,
I know I have made a mistake,
Probably one of the biggest in my life,
I am too proud to say I am sorry.

We turn and walk away,
Your expression says it all,
This time I know it is for real,
There is no turning back.

I have to close that door,
Turn my back and let go,
You will never be mine,
I will never be yours.

I close the door,
Put away the key,
A tear streams down my face,
Knowing it could never be.

As I let go of the pain,
The urge and temptation,
We will never be.

© thelma migue

1 comment:

  1. We have all been there n its hurts i tell u. I like the way i can almost feel the emotions in the poem, its like am livin it. NYCE!!