Friday, June 26, 2009


In the midst of darkness,
There is light.
When it gets cold,
The warmth is ready to embrace you.

When you are tired and weary,
Lay your head and rest.
When the tears stream down your face,
Don't hold back just cry your heart out.
When your heart is broken,
Pick up the pieces n put it back together.

Don't hide your pain,
Embrace it ,
As each day passes it
Slowly it fades away.
Don't hold back reach out,
To someone you love.

When all is gone and lost
There seems like there is no tomorrow,
Reach out and pray,
Jesus Christ is already there,
Holding you,
Embracing you,
Comforting you.
At this hour,
At this time,
Take comfort in his love
Trust Him to lead the way...........

A Poem by Thelma Migue.

***Dedicated to my family after the passing of my grandfather.

1 comment:

  1. You know, the Lord already hang on the cross... He leads the way. Great! Bless you.