Wednesday, July 1, 2009


A legend,
A Genius,
An Inspiration.

An Icon,
An entertainer,
A songwriter.

Record breaker,
Ground breaker,
A walking genius.

Defied the laws of gravity,
Did the moonwalk,
Left us awed,
Generations are still awed.

Controversy left right and center,
Everyone wanted a piece of you,
Even in death,
They give you no peace

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
Through your music,
You are immortal.

In Memory of Michael Jackson.

A Poem by Thelma Migue.


  1. I couldnt hv put it better myself. A true legend. He may be gone in body but he still lives on through his music.

  2. "To escape death, i attempt to bind my soul to my work" - on immortality - M.J's last interview with Bryan Monroe..... R.I.P
    @ James - This is so true. He is still here with us - through his music.